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App NameGirl Alone
Latest Version1.2.15
MOD InfoHigh Rewards
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Have you ever met someone who is depressed or has “social anxiety”? In Girl Alone, there is a little girl because she has lived alone for so long; the girl gradually withdraws from the world and seems to be gradually depressed. You will be the one to help and pull the girl out of that fear. Players will bring new things to the girl’s dull life with daily conversations, home renovations, part-time jobs, etc. Help her with all your might!

Girl Alone


At the beginning of Girl Alone, you will meet the main character, which is a small girl with an ugly, unclean appearance. She always wore a sad face with many questions: where is this? who am I, someone please help me, … The girl’s living situation is also terrible, and it was a small, moldy and dirty room. Everything creates a gloomy, gray scene like the little girl’s current life.

Players will transform into an invisible friends, which can be formed in the mind of the girl. Your main task is to befriend the little girl and help her escape from this life. Every day, you will chat with the girl with the available sentence patterns, and you just have to choose the question-answer as you like. Her requests are to be fulfilled. That way, the girl will gradually open up to you. Finding someone to talk to is always the best method to relieve sadness or fear in your heart!


The living environment is also an essential condition to help a person’s mood become better. Girl Alone’s original moldy room needs to be replaced immediately. Help the little girl clean and change the interior of the room. Choose colors and items you like to liven up the room. Besides, keep a few small animals like dogs or cats to keep you company. All furniture and pets can be purchased in the game store.

Girl AloneGirl Alone

The player also has to change the appearance of this little girl character. From a girl with messy hair and dirty clothes, change her for the better. Shower clean and choose beautiful clothes, hairstyles, and accessories to help the girl herself become more attractive and confident. It is often said that a well-groomed appearance also shows love for oneself. As a girl, love yourself and your own life!


Of course, beautiful household objects or clothes do not come naturally, and you have to buy them at the store. And for that, you need a decent amount of money. To be able to earn money to buy items in the game, players will enter the job building to participate in part-time jobs. Don’t get me wrong. This is just work in the name of, in fact, mini-games. Have fun and make money at the same time.

The mini-games here include jigsaw puzzles, smashing the mouse, restaurant work, etc. Each game will have its way of playing. Players will be given instructions before participating in each game. Complete the puzzles given in each game and get your reward. Each game will also have different levels with varying difficulties. Corresponding to the difficulty level, the bonus you can get will also gradually increase. In addition, Girl Alone will also have daily, weekly or special events. In those events, players complete the requirements to receive attractive rewards. Use them for what you need!

Girl Alone


  • Become an invisible friend to live with the little girl character and help her get out of a gloomy, depressing life
  • Chat every day to understand the little girl and untie her psychological knots gradually. Fulfill the requirements set forth by her
  • Clean up the old moldy room and change its look with beautiful furniture. Please buy more pets to increase the liveliness
  • Change the girl’s appearance: take a good shower, choose beautiful clothes and a new hairstyle according to your personality
  • Join games as part-time jobs at the job building. Get bonuses to buy items and clothes
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