Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms Mod APK simulates the wars and events that take place as the player becomes the greatest Lanista of the Roman Empire. You will be qualified to lead your army in the upcoming battles.

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Need Root

NOTE: First install the game from google play then install over the app the modded apk. Use the bypass apk if you cant enter the game after you exit the modded apk. repeat the procedure until it enter again. This is for root only since install over original app is required. God mode also sometimes not working for some enemy.

App Name Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 264M
Latest Version 3.4.19
MOD Info One Hit, God Mode
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Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms needs players to show off their fighting prowess at events looking for the right successor. In addition to the requirements related to power, we also create a more exciting world where kingdoms are formed. Distant lands will be reclaimed and used in the quest to build the towers of the empire. All resources collected will support the process of upgrading weapons. The event welcome spins will be activated daily.

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms


To fulfill their goal of becoming the greatest Lanista of the Roman Empire, players will have to fulfill Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms’ requests for a larger kingdom. Not only geographically, but the game also requires you to possess the necessary skills to keep your territory intact. Every day, the towers can bring you a certain amount of coins, and they will cover usage costs for the purchase of a new design, unlocking the building, and qualifying for the adjacent land.


The journey of training to become strong will give you many wonderful experiences. From a small kingdom in a remote land, players can turn it into the most powerful empire. The land expansion will be done after you have enough coins to pay for the shop. The system will notify the player of the buildings that need to be collected in order for them to continue performing their tasks. Orders requested by merchants will help you earn extra income. However, civilization will be threatened if it does not build an army to protect it soon. We have captured that and are ready to provide the perfect strategy.

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms


Each player will have their list of Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms warriors. They make adjustments to the inner sources of strength and skills to achieve the best results. The battle will take place in real-time, and the player has the right to choose and change the warrior participating in the battle. The system will randomly sort your opponent. Each head-to-head match has a limited number of fighters, and some rules regarding the match will be announced before things even begin.


To make the story of your journey to become the greatest Lanista of the Roman Empire interesting, the game has added new events and fixed them. Each warrior you own will appear in matches against any opponent, and players need to control them to move according to their wishes and improve their achievements in the rankings. Besides developing better matches, events also focus on your rewards. Lucky spin or treasure chest opening will only appear once a day with bigger rewards than expected.

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms


The battle between the Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms warriors will become more complicated if there is a disparity in skills, levels, and weapons. The swords that are upgraded every day have exceptional damage levels, and they will be items equipped for the character in the upcoming match. To get the best results, players need to upgrade them regularly. The giant warriors appearing in the last minutes will soon be defeated when you have the surest preparations.


Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms simulates your life in ancient Rome. It tells the story of the struggle and construction of the outstanding members of the warrior squad of the most powerful empire. All will be managed and held by you to decide. Each land used to expand the territory must pay a lot of coins to receive. That’s why you can’t lose in the upcoming confrontation. The resources the player receives during the duels will help you improve the power of your arsenal.

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms


  • From the story of the resurrected Roman world, the system forms a series of successive challenges for you.
  • Each battle takes place under your command and control, and the powerful warriors used are interchangeable and selectable.
  • Players perform weapon upgrades to own a collection of weapons with serious damage and beautiful graphics.
  • You will do the process of building empires and restoring abandoned lands throughout the battle journey.
  • Improve your abilities and own more assets with event incentives, lucky spins, or match rewards.
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