App Name Global War Simulation
Publisher MH Team Lab
Genre Strategy
Size 58M
Latest Version v30 PREMIUM
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This is the best game you can buy for tactical strategy. Choose a country, make a strong army, and take over the world. Prepare to have the most fun you’ve ever had playing a mobile strategic battle game.

Come train with us if you want to get better at competitive strategy and role-playing games. You must take over the whole world using tricks and big armies in this game. You are in charge of spying, the economy, taxes, investments, research, the operations center, the military industry, the government of your country, war, the media, and security. Find out what’s going on in other countries by sending spies there. Find out about the latest reports from around the world on intelligence, the military, the economy, politics, and conflicts. You can grow your power worldwide by attacking any country you want.

Ground operations are employed when trying to gain control of a country. Players engage in combat with missiles in the air and on the ground, as well as in diplomatic and commercial negotiations. There are approximately one hundred distinct nations to choose from in this game. You get to pick a nation, and then you have to start managing that nation by adhering to a few basic guidelines. Each nation’s armed forces can be customized to meet the requirements of the player, and players have a variety of strategies, command structures, and technological advancements at their disposal with which to strengthen their army. The Infantry, the Commando, the SAS, the SAT, and the Burgundy Beret are some examples of elite military units. In addition, it features ten distinct types of military personnel that you may utilize to assist your attack force by providing them with weapons that get more powerful throughout the game. This collection includes a warship, a submarine, an aircraft carrier, ballistic missiles, armor, a howitzer, a tank, a helicopter, a fighter, a bomber, a fighter aircraft, and a bomber aircraft.

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