GPS Fields Area Measure PRO helps you determine the size of a piece of land and the size between the two locations you have selected. These data can be stored, shared, and backed up easily.

App NameGPS Fields Area Measure PRO
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GPS Fields Area Measure PRO enables users to measure the size of a plot of land or locate between two locations by GPS. They will need to make some settings before measuring, such as resetting the units they use most often. In addition, each measurement will be saved, and from there, you can do many things with them, such as sharing with colleagues or backing up to prevent data loss.

GPS Fields Area Measure PROGPS Fields Area Measure PRO


If you constantly work in different areas and need their parameters, then GPS Fields Area Measure PRO is a perfect choice for you. You will easily use it via GPS and take advantage of the measurement features to understand these parameters. Simultaneously, you can use some accompanying features to make your work go smoothly instead of taking as much time as before. Surely this will be a tool that anyone wants to use.


When you access GPS Fields Area Measure PRO, you enter the first feature of the application, and the one that you need to pay attention to is the unit reset. Specifically, you will go to the settings section to reset the units that you often use to receive accurate parameters. You will also find a GPS feature, and you can zoom in to the area you want to determine the size you want to measure. In addition, the measurement stage has factors that you will need to pay attention to.


Users will find several tools used in GPS Fields Area Measure PRO, and the first one is the area feature. This feature allows you to place dots and gradually enclose the area of land you want. After you have defined its exterior shape, it’s not over yet, as you will need to adjust the shape of the outer contour to the exact shape of the site. It would help if you got the correct figure.

GPS Fields Area Measure PROGPS Fields Area Measure PRO


Besides the area feature, you will find distance and POI features in GPS Fields Area Measure PRO. POI helps you to pre-determine the area you are interested in, and it will combine with the distance feature, which is perfectly fine to determine the distance from another place to the POI. So, each time the length of the line gets longer, the parameter will change so that you know the right path to get to the pre-determined place.


Once you’ve completed your measurements, you’ll need to store them and give them names that are easily recognizable and searchable. So, over time, you’ll get yourself a list with measurements of different plots. You also find them easily, so that’s why you need to put a proper name for easy searching. At the same time, this storage is entirely convenient for users.


You can’t measure all work areas alone, so there will often be many people doing the same job as you. From there, they will share them with their colleagues, and from there, the work will be completed quickly. So each user needs to take an exact measurement before sending it to other users.


One of the useful features for users is that users can import or export data at will. When the number of areas you have measured is absolutely large and essential to the work, it is necessary. So when you export or import it, you can easily backup and reuse these data if your device is lost or damaged, causing all data in it to be lost. Sure, you’ll need to make regular backups to ensure nothing goes wrong.

GPS Fields Area Measure PROGPS Fields Area Measure PRO


  • Users will have these valuable features in determining a plot of land or distance:
  • Users will quickly determine its shape, size, location via GPS and get accurate and fast parameters.
  • They can determine the POI and its distance to another location with the exact length for you to choose the optimal travel plan.
  • Times will be easily stored, and the search feature will help you find these data if you need them.
  • The amount of data in your device is important so you can export and import them so you can back up and reuse them next time.
  • The data can be shared between users and is convenient in measuring areas in large quantities.
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