Guardian Academy Mod APK – There is a game in which you may construct your own look using any one of the several hundred various pieces of equipment.

  • God Mod
  • 100 % Critical
  • High Attack Speed
  • No Skill Cooldown ( Use with High Mana regen)
  • High Mana Regen
  • Enhance Cost 2 stone Only.

Info :
-Toggle On / Off attack Speed and 100 %Critical Will take effect on New Stage , click on Join Stage or Challenge to apply / Desactivate.
-Enhance Cost 2 stone Only is ” HIGH BAN RISK “

App NameGuardian Academy – Idle RPG
Publisherhoduro games
Latest Version1.00.22
MOD InfoMega Menu
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In-game clothing options allow players to modify their appearance. Stop acting like fools and playing basic games, OK? Get organized! Drop your spears, swords, and shields and join us. Playing strategically will boost your Guardian’s level. The Guardian Academy gives pupils access to a massive assortment of firearms and other equipment.

By learning the trade secrets, you will be able to acquire the skills necessary to perform various funny illusions. Put your formidable skills to work and clear out the monsters that have invaded your land so that you can continue living in peace. Construct unique decks of abilities that can be used in a wide variety of different dungeon runs. These decks should be adaptable. Achieve success in each individual phase of the process. It will be necessary to increase the size of the Guardian to emerge victorious over the animals. Where are you supposed to go from here on out? If you make it to the next stage of the tournament, you will have the opportunity to compete for some enticing prizes.

A system that makes use of avatars makes it possible for individuals to express who they are. Everything is included in the package, from the costume to the hair and makeup to the facial and back decoration. Also included in the package is the facial and back adornment. I am in charge of the many aspects of the avatar, which total five in total. More than a hundred avatars out there could do a good job of representing who I am. A conversation is a fantastic forum for exhibiting the particular flavor that your personality possesses, so find an opportunity to do so today. It is imperative that the vicious beast known as Penrir be put down once and for all. The terrifying beast known as Fenrir is closing in on the planet that the Guardians have chosen to call home, and it could destroy it. You will become famous and accumulate wealth in proportion to the time it took to defeat Penrir.

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