Hacker Simulator Mod Apk is a novel game for you to dominate the information world on all fronts of diverse fields.

App NameHacker Simulator
PublisherPredator Games
Latest Version3.2.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Bitcoin
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Suppose you have a passion for exploiting and dominating websites on the internet and looking for holes to exploit. In that case, Hacker Simulator will bring you many unique experiences and unexpected situations. All your actions in the game are always improvised with interesting elements, so you never have to get bored in your own world.

Hacker SimulatorHacker Simulator


You will play as a professional hacker who specializes in receiving unauthorized orders to collect confidential information and data. This will be your main mission in the game. Clever in how to hide your personal identity and exploit the information you are asked for. Attack large scientific works or even confidential corporate documents. The difficulty will increase gradually with each level. Players use special techniques to conquer all challenges.


Create a variety of extremely virulent viruses and spread them in the technology market with incredible speed. But don’t pay attention to cybercrime security companies because they are all great characters and will easily thwart your plots and plans. Outsmart them and continue your journey to steal information. Bet every bonus to complete the task fastest.

Hacker SimulatorHacker Simulator


Four development branches will significantly increase your strength in the game, helping you to improve your starters. To increase profits and collect valuable items, you should also invest in a bitcoin homepage to create sympathy with customers. You are a professional hacker who always performs attractive missions with the best tricks. Attack the network of businesses and individuals to collect many trophies.


Another interesting mission for you is to hack smart mobile devices to steal important personal information and give it to customers. If the anonymity is too low, there will be negative effects on the ranking of professional hackers. So you have to be really careful and pay attention to these issues.

Hacker SimulatorHacker Simulator


  • Hacker Simulator is an exciting and bizarre game that attracts many young people who love the field of information technology to participate.
  • Successfully fulfill orders to receive many bonuses and improve your professional level.
  • Spread viruses throughout information markets to paralyze critical information systems.
  • Accelerate your rewards by investing in your bitcoin site, attracting the attention of key investors and customers.
  • Focus on attacking electronic devices because there are many high-value interests hidden here.
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