Health Manager is an application that has the function to help you monitor your health in the best way. With its features, users will be allowed to record all sports activities that they do every day. This application will accurately measure the number of walking steps or exercise time.

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To have good health, you need to maintain many good habits such as drinking lots of water every day, regularly exercising to gain muscle and lose fat. This application will remind you regularly about drinking water and the most appropriate and adequate diet. Moreover, your health status will be managed and understood by Health Pal every day. Do not hesitate to try downloading to receive new and modern features, helping you to improve your health and reduce diseases.

Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, PedometerHealth Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer


Health Pal will help users record their steps in the most accurate and fastest way, saving you the trouble of having to count each step. Not only that, how much distance you go is also measured and understood by this system, and your calorie consumption is also listed in full. Besides, to make it easy for users to see and compare, there are also statistics of your daily walking. In addition, you need to know everything here, such as time, travel speed is calculated in real-time.


It can be said that in addition to your mother, there is also a Health Pal, which will always remind you of the right time to eat and drink. Before every hour, this app will remind you to drink water. Because water makes up 70% of the human body, it is a critical ingredient that you should provide for your body to become healthier. Besides, you must not skip meals and fast. These are the causes of stomach ailments or dengue fever due to hunger. Health Pal will always provide you with specific notifications to urge you to get the proper diet and on time.

Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, PedometerHealth Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

In addition, Health Pal will remind you to monitor your weight every day. This helps you control your weight, not to eat too much, but also not too fast. Moreover, if you are gaining or losing weight, it will be very convenient to monitor your weight every day. The most memorable thing is that you have the right to create, manage and edit some content about the reminder time according to your wishes and like your schedule.


Coming to Health Pal, users will have the freedom to create their own most effective workout plans at home without going to the gym. Exercise and eat in the most scientific way to have a toned, healthy body. Studying at home requires being a persistent person and having an inevitable weight loss or weight gain goal, and only perseverance and determination will surely make you good. In addition, you also have functions with voice support to control and guide you during your workout.

Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, PedometerHealth Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer


Health Pal will give you an accurate way to calculate BMI, machine weight, and many other health-related issues. Besides, you can also use it to measure your blood pressure and measure your weight accurately. What’s more, you can measure your heart rate to know your body’s pulse.

Some Features

– Ability to count steps accurately and quickly
– Always care, remind to help you have the healthiest diet
– Plan your home gym workouts and track the progress of each exercise
– Outline yourself a specific weight goal to create motivation to strive
– Considered a health calculator tool trusted by many people.

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