Hero Defense King requires players to pay more attention to tactics and specific plans. You will have to study the situation to quickly make your decision on how many soldiers will join or add missiles to the towers.

App Name Hero Defense King
Publisher mobirix
Genre Strategy
Size 93M
Latest Version 1.0.41
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Hero Defense King expands the war of influence between the two factions into an exciting strategic war. Players will have to bet their territory on many head-to-head matches. With your main supply of power towers and a mighty fighting army, you’ll be able to repel surprise raids. The most important things to be sure of are the number of minions and missiles that will be applied to the match. Monsters can invade at any time; fight against them together!

Hero Defense King : TD


Players face the challenge of encountering the onslaught of an army of monsters in Hero Defense King. Each of your actions is at a disadvantage without the help of items. A destructive weapon that deserves the most attention is the missile, and it will be added to the towers you build. The collection includes 24 different types of towers that will take on the role of defense class. Thanks to its appearance, players receive more time to start sending troops and wait for the next relief.

With each area in the game, you will have different plans to deal with monsters. Each army will take on a certain position. You can use offensively trained soldiers to repel an encroachment plan quickly. However, their power source is not enough for your operation. Players need to upgrade their character to get the highest level. Good conditions to assign a captain then play most idly.

Hero Defense King : TD


Hero Defense King’s vast space needs the help of many power towers. Besides, you also need the bravest generals to lead the army. In case the area is too large and difficult to control, only a long-term strategic response will bring victory. The monsters did not attack individually; they moved with many other small armies with tremendous destructive power. What you face happens to coincide with real-time. We designed the interface to change with the seasons to make it easy for you to feel the realism of this head-to-head match.

Hero Defense King : TD


The most effective method for each player participating in Hero Defense King to be able to hold the base without being destroyed by any attack is to upgrade the entire base. From towers to the lowest level troops, upgrade them to enhance your experience and secure victory in your hands. Players get extra help as they upgrade more knights and let them lead your army. With a magic squad, many leaders’ appearance will help you idle much more.

Hero Defense King : TD


Hero Defense King helps players build the perfect battlefield to carry out the plan to defeat the most powerful monsters. The appearance of mighty armies that will support them is a significant obstacle for you. Don’t worry; we will provide more power towers and more soldiers for you to use for each battle. The most crucial time to determine the winner, throw more missile support rights to confront them. Many unique tactics were allowed to use. Players can enroll in the league tables and sweep all the modes on offer!

Hero Defense King : TD


  • Build an exciting battle between you and an army of powerful monsters. Surprise attacks and dangerous moves will affect your life; use strategy to repel them.
  • Players begin to build the first bases with many towers of destructive power. You can build them and upgrade them to become more potent for your strategy against monsters.
  • The owner adds more members to the base by efficiently using them in battle. The strategy will determine the number of soldiers’ casualties; that’s why you need to weigh in with your decision.
  • Challenges will always appear; the system also quickly changes the display mode to help you get the most realistic feeling. The four seasons will be alternated depending on the actual time period in your location.
  • The worthy reward for defeating the monster is a new level. With more novel content, you can be in danger of facing a much stronger army of monsters.
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