Hero Royale Mod APK is a tower-defense game in the PVP style where you will use the heroes to destroy the monsters. You will not put them in the castle if you do not want to receive defeat.


  • Summon Energy Don’t Decrease.

Info: PVP Game So dont upgrade too fast to avoid reports and ban.


  • Increase damage
App Name Hero Royale
Publisher Type Ten Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 72M
Latest Version 2.3.2
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
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Hero Royale revolves around the battle between players and dangerous monsters in tower defense gameplay. Each player will defend their castle from the waves of enemies constantly approaching with the heroes they have, and the winner is the last survivor. At the same time, players can also increase their character’s base stats and create heroes with higher tiers to fight stronger enemies.

Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense


In Hero Royale, players will participate in impressive tower defense levels with the simple goal of destroying the monsters that want to attack the castle. They will appear in different waves where the player must use the heroes they have to destroy them. At the same time, the resources used to summon heroes are the energy obtained from killing monsters.

You will see the purchase heroes button, and depending on your luck, these heroes will be able to appear in different tiers. Of course, the higher the tier, the stronger; the player can see the number of empty slots for these heroes to stand. You can freely move their positions to prepare for new waves to appear, and of course, powerful enemies will sometimes cause difficulties for players.

Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense


In Hero Royale, players will find two different types of upgrades, and of course, you are forced to use the energy you have. The first way to upgrade is to upgrade the base stats of the heroes you are using by touching the cards of these heroes. Each card has some upgrading times that players will need to pay attention to, and players can also upgrade hero tiers to optimize the squad they are controlling.

Leveling up requires the player to have a certain number of heroes through summoning, and two identical heroes will be able to combine into a higher tier hero. The player can combine the heroes they have and keep summoning new heroes to continue the merge. In addition, players will always need to pay attention to their squad to overcome challenging and special levels; each level requires you to play with another person to find the last survivor.

Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the battles against monsters:

  • The player will see a frame where the heroes will appear and prevent the monsters from moving towards the castle to defeat the player.
  • Players will use heroes with different tiers, arrange their logical positions and let them destroy waves of enemies with their strength.
  • Energy is the essential resource that is used in this game for purposes like summoning a hero of any tier or increasing their stats.
  • Two heroes with similar qualities can merge and become new heroes so players can optimize their formation and summon new heroes.
  • PVP stages occur when two players try to protect their castle from enemies, and the last survivor will be the winner.
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