Heroes of Tactics Mod APK is an original take on the Tower Defense genre, set in an epic medieval fantasy world.

To get the highest coins (premium game currency), go to the Market from the main menu of the game and click on Collect on the card with the Observer’s Prize (advertising will not be shown, you will receive coins and resources from a paid chest).

App Name Heroes of Tactics
Publisher Studio WW Games
Genre Strategy
Size 130M
Latest Version 1.2.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The Heroes of Tactics game takes place in Mayra, a fictional fantasy setting. A magical disaster has struck this realm (the reasons and outcomes of which are outlined at the 1st chapter of the game). Yavor, a local mage and alchemist, is closely associated with this calamity.

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy


The Mayra people are therefore familiar with magic, magical beings, and supernatural forces. The residents of Erytheia, known as Erithians, are the ones telling the tale.

Erythians fought vicious battles with bands of monsters and nomads over a lengthy period of time. Nobody is certain of the origin or timing of these terrifying monsters’ appearance at the Borderland. The invaders, known as Urue, attacked far-off and nearby nations before approaching Erithan.

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy

Invaders had been troubling the Erytheia territories for a long time, but at some point, their raids started to pose a larger threat. Erytheia resolved to work along with a few nearby lands (Dalia, Gron-Bourne, and free tribes of Sarii) to expel them beyond the Tranquil Plains and rid the territories of their existence as a result of the threat becoming worldwide and surrounding lands suffering greatly.

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy

Therefore, combined forces were driving urus out of Erytheia principality by principality, all the way to the Tranquil Plains. Both the monsters on the battlefields and the combat themselves grew increasingly vicious and outrageous. And there was no actual plan in place to defeat them. At that time, the concept of constructing fortresses was developed to defend territory against large-scale enemy raids with subsequent area clearing. The army were able to subdue their foes more slowly the closer they got to the Frontier.

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy


A player must select the best Tower Defense strategies and construct the available fortifications in order to reflect the approaching enemy waves in this intriguing plot with more than 150 missions. The player can use an additional game interface to use resources only during battles to upgrade towers. Battle weapons can be placed in designated areas or sites by players.

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy

Not just during combat may players upgrade their weaponry. Additionally, there are tactics for out-of-battle improvements (building trees) and scientific research to improve tower warfare capabilities (science tree).

Heroes of Tactics. TD Strategy


  • The realm of imagination set in the Middle Ages
  • More than 40 different monsters, each with their own special skills in the first chapter
  • More than 20 towers, each with its own distinct upgrades that confer a variety of tactical and combat advantages
  • Spell system for warfare
  • Numerous varieties of combat operations.
  • Multi-tiered building scheme for the Castle, with over 20+ distinct structures represented.
  • More than 150 disciplines of study are available.
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