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App Name Higan: Eruthyll
Publisher BILIBILI
Genre Strategy
Size 1.21 GB
Latest Version
MOD Info Damage/Defense Multiplier, God Mode
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Higan: Eruthyll is a fascinating game that brings fantasy to life through theater-like gameplay. This 3D real-time combat RPG is set on the planet Eruthyll, where players can use diverse tactics and enjoy touching stories presented by fantastic cutscenes.

The game’s main storyline revolves around the Arrival of Fantasyland, where players are required to lead the Gopher Troupe to fight against the invasion, rescue people from the death-like sleep, and reclaim reality from the eternal nightmare. As the acting Director, players have the responsibility to shuttle between worlds and achieve this mission.

One of the most striking features of Higan: Eruthyll is the stunning 3D cutscenes that make the game more engaging. Top-notch voice actors add an extra layer of depth to the immersive experience provided by dazzling ult skills, movielike ACT gameplay, and elaborate chase camera. The game’s cutscenes are breathtaking, and players are sure to enjoy them.

The gameplay in Higan: Eruthyll is unique, thanks to dynamic instructions that allow players to employ tactics in bullet time to dominate the battle. This feature makes the game more exciting, and players will enjoy the challenge of adapting to different scenarios.

The game’s distinct art style is marked by magic and technology, and players can indulge in visual wonders such as hyperspace and refraction of light. The combination of these elements gives the game a unique flavor that sets it apart from other RPGs.

Players can also build their own squad by deploying powerful characters of six classes and five elements, arming them with Play Inspirations of multiple themes. This feature allows players to create their finest squad, rise against Fantasyland, and break the dawn for Planet Eruthyll.

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