Home Design: House Makeover Mod APK allows the player to go to an apartment and add new elements to fill its emptiness. Each level gives you money to complete this goal.

App NameHome Design: House Makeover
PublisherLETS FUN
Latest Version1.6.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Home Design: House Makeover is a renovation game where the player will accompany the designer character to perform the work of renovating a found apartment. Its space is quite empty and needs to be renovated by adding new elements. At the same time, each renovation requires a certain amount of money to unlock with many options you can decide, so the apartment will have obvious steps to change.

Home Design: House Makeover


In Home Design: House Makeover, players will become a designer looking for a job that matches their abilities. After a long search, the character found an apartment in a location that was completely easy to find but also had some problems. Its interior space is normal, and from a designer’s point of view, it will need to be renovated, and you will be the one to help the character achieve his goals.

Players will see a space without too many objects, and your attention will be on the sofa placed in the center of the room. At the same time, you also get a certain amount of money to be able to buy a new sofa set, and from there, your renovation work officially begins. You will control the character to overcome different challenges and earn money to buy completely new items to change the space of the apartment.

Home Design: House Makeover


When you experience Home Design: House Makeover, you will see some icons appear, and when you click on them, you will be taken to a match-three level. Match-three gameplay is no longer a completely new mechanic for many people as its gameplay is accessible. Also, any match-three level has a requirement and requires you to collect the specified elements within a specific limit of turns.

Certainly, in making matches in the game, players will be able to create combinations with many different elements, which is the basis for creating boosters. Boosters will appear in various forms, such as rockets or bombs, and possess different destructive effects. Therefore, they are the key for players to complete the level quickly, and in addition, this will be the mechanism used by many players.

One factor that makes players love these elements is the strong impact on the frame of the game screen. Specifically, the requirements will become more and more complex over time, and you should not waste the moves you own. At the same time, you also see more symbols appear in the apartment space and require you to participate in more match-three games. You will need to spend a large amount of money.

Home Design: House Makeover


An interesting point when you experience Home Design: House Makeover is that you can have the opportunity to earn more money at a level. Specifically, you will see the amount you receive after the request has been completed, and if you still have unused moves left over, some elements in the frame will turn into boosters. You will get some extra money besides the base amount you can get, so the amount in a level depends on your performance level.

After completing a level, you’ll see the amount you need to spend to buy a new item when you tap an icon. Specifically, you will be able to renovate the apartment as your wish, and the game also has some options. There will usually be three options from which you can only choose one, and in some cases, some good choices often come with the condition that you need to fulfill. You will see a noticeable change in the apartment you are renovating.

Home Design: House Makeover

Players will accompany a designer in the renovation of the apartment:

  • Players will see the space of an apartment, and they can perform renovations by adding new items to it.
  • Each renovation action requires a certain amount of money, so they must pass match-three levels to earn enough money.
  • The level of challenge is completely incremental so that players can use boosters with different destructive powers.
  • Depending on how well you perform in the game, you may receive some additional bonuses besides the base amount when completing the level.
  • Players can completely find new items with different designs, and you need to complete the request to get a better selection.
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