App NameHome Workout
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GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Version1.2.7
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Home Workout is a home workout application and does not require any professional equipment. Although some exercises or movements will require particular postures, users can use furniture in the house and start practicing the exercises. The most impressive thing about the application is the ability to track and guide in detail with each movement or goal of the user to have a toned body.


Before users train their bodies, they need to provide all their stats, such as height, weight, and desired goals. Home Workout will rely on that to offer all exercises compatible with the provided index and help users quickly adapt to its pace or training intensity. Conveniently, users can focus on a single muscle area instead of the whole body, reducing pressure from other areas and maintaining a stable body.

Home Workout – No EquipmentHome Workout – No Equipment


The app will have many exercises for users to explore in its main library, and everything is neatly organized and divided into several categories. The exercises will also come with multiple movements and effective retention times, helping users focus on the muscle areas that the exercises affect. Moreover, the desired indicators and goals in advance will automatically choose reasonable exercise lists for the user to decide.


If users have in-depth knowledge about bodybuilding, they can design a separate exercise list through Home Workout. The process of creating this list is completely free, and they can insert multiple exercises or reasonable rest periods between each content, including multiple muscle areas that the entire exercise affects. At the end of each month, the application will rely on the size of the exercises and the progress to provide an accurate report of their progress.

Home Workout – No EquipmentHome Workout – No Equipment


The benefit of all the exercises in the app is that it doesn’t have any requirements at all. Users need just a mattress and start practicing continuously until the body reaches the maximum limit or can no longer move. Also, they can exercise anywhere and anytime, even helping blood circulation if working for a long time in the office thanks to that comfort.


Home Workout will monitor users enthusiastically, even asking them to take a picture of the current and prepare to compare their changes later. It doesn’t stop there and offer many impressive tracking systems, which help people know the progress and intensity of their workouts day by day or hour by hour. If the user links to the Smartwatch, it also conveniently shows the walking time or the body’s basal heart rate.

Home Workout – No EquipmentHome Workout – No Equipment


Every exercise or tutorial will have detailed instructions with voice assistants, announcements, and illustrations for user symmetry. Thanks to that content, it will greatly enhance everyone’s training progress or effectiveness, even with full-text instructions if the illustrations are not enough. Every exercise is developed and coordinated with professional PTs to bring all desired results for everyone.

Home Workout is a great choice for those who want to change their appearance but can’t afford to go to the gym or buy equipment. In addition, it will continuously monitor the user’s progress and remind them to work hard for the best results for themselves.

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