Homeworld Mobile Mod APK – In this enormous piece of science fiction, players explore and fight their way into the limits of an uncharted galaxy.

App Name Homeworld Mobile
Publisher Gearbox Publishing
Genre Strategy
Size 1G
Latest Version 1.2.0
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If you’re looking for a challenging real-time strategy game, look no further than Homeworld Mobile. To return to your home planet, you must go on a space mission to get supplies, fight off enemies, form alliances, and command your fleet.

Experience unprecedented 3D MMO tactical gaming as you recruit and command officers, upgrade your fleet and dominate the competition. Over a century after leaving and returning to their Homeworld, the Hiigaran people have overcome hardship and interstellar enemies to usher in an age of peace and prosperity. The Hiigarans have started to look for new worlds beyond the Whirlpool Galaxy through the Hyperspace Gates. Participate in missions as a member of the Hiigaran Navy’s Space Fleet, where you can choose from several different factions on your journey to discover new worlds, make new allies, or reclaim territory from your enemies. Guide the Hiigaran people to a prosperous future through strategic gaming and skillful battle.

In a vast galaxy, you must be prepared to fight a war of strategy. While on the hunt for the Progenitors, dealing with neighboring settlements and putting together a strong military of many factions is a good idea. Decide whether you want to dig out old mysteries as a S’jet researcher, bring glory and prove your power as a proud Soban member, or seek refuge as an outcast Kiithless. Whatever your motivation, you’ll be able to lead your fleet through the stars in an exciting science fiction game that will test your tactical prowess. Enter a complex strategic battle that unfolds in real-time. Assemble your crew, coordinate ship construction, and assume command of spacecraft carriers, interceptors, and destroyers to outmaneuver your foes. Applying fleet battle tactics will give you the upper hand in this conflict. Take part in a 3D MMORTS where you’re responsible for the survival of a dying civilization. Commander, you must now assume command. Do you feel ready?

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