1. Unlimited Money*
2. Unlimited Aether*
3. Unlimited Resources*
*spend as you want even don’t have enough

App Name Idle Anomaly: Alien Control
Publisher Hot Siberians
Genre Simulation
Size 135M
Latest Version 0.9.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Idle Anomaly: Alien Control is an exciting game that offers a unique blend of mystery and tycoon gameplay. It is set in a world where a group of space researchers discover an enigmatic structure in the Arctic, resembling an alien roller coaster or starship from a UFO theme park. This structure, called the Obelisk, was clearly made by an unknown power, and the researchers are determined to uncover all its secrets. However, there are mysterious creatures guarding the Obelisk who are out to attack and interfere with the research. In this game, you will build a research station around the Obelisk, study top-secret objects, upgrade your heroes, and defend your base against alien attacks.

One of the best features of Idle Anomaly: Alien Control is its idle gameplay mechanics. Your employees work tirelessly in your business simulator incremental game even when you are not playing. When you return to the game, you just need to tap to collect idle resources. This feature ensures that you can progress in the game even when you are away, making it an excellent game for players with busy schedules.

In Idle Anomaly: Alien Control, you are responsible for managing a research station. You need to click to build and upgrade equipment, hire employees, and monitor their mental health. Rational management is crucial for success in research and big profits in tycoon life. This feature adds a layer of strategy to the game, which will appeal to players who enjoy building games.

Another feature that makes Idle Anomaly: Alien Control exciting is the upgrade system. As you explore anomalies, you will encounter dangerous creatures from another space. To protect your employees from these creatures, you need experienced operatives who can upgrade your heroes. This feature adds a sense of progression to the game and gives players a reason to continue playing.

In Idle Anomaly: Alien Control, you will study top-secret objects and discover the forbidden side of our idle world. You will find aliens, catch monsters, and send them to infectonator isolation to explore the power of the Obelisk and get resources. Join forces with the secret Ministry to unravel the secrets of the Obelisks and gain their power. This feature adds an element of mystery to the game, which will appeal to players who enjoy games with a strong storyline.

Finally, Idle Anomaly: Alien Control has an excellent defense system. You don’t know what planet the monsters came from, but you need to click to control your base defense and upgrade your heroes. Send aliens to infectonator isolation, and now their planet life has become useful to the Earth. Find the alien and hold defense of your idle home base with a galaxy gun. This feature adds a sense of urgency to the game and will keep players on their toes.

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