Idle Construction 3D Mod APK allows you to travel to different lands and build impressive buildings. New houses will be born, and you are the best builder that can create a modern city.

App Name Idle Construction 3D
Publisher Green Panda Games
Genre Strategy
Size 118M
Latest Version 2.18
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Idle Construction 3D will let you unleash your passion for construction, and thanks to the support, you have conquered modern constructions by yourself. This is a unique strategy game, and the player will be a good builder. Great architectural works will be born, and you are the one to create those impressions. But challenges will also be presented, and you will have to solve them on your own. Be the best builder and use your full potential to complete big projects.

Idle Construction 3D Idle Construction 3D


You are known as the best and most successful builder, so the big construction projects are brought to you. You have a lot of experience in the construction of significant works and accordance with the requirements of the people around you. More specifically, you have a business to do this work, and your business is massive. Because of those combinations, you can take on projects yourself and complete them early for the city.

Before starting construction, you also need to determine the basic directions of this project. What you need to do now is to sketch the drawings and preliminary calculate the materials that you use to prepare in time. Once approved, your project will be developed, and you will also start building this. Idle Construction 3D will meet the things you need help with to create your own advantages.


After you have identified the goals that you need to accomplish in Idle Construction 3D, you need to start implementing them. The player will already have a business with hundreds of workers to support you, so you just need to come up with the right jobs. Players only need to observe the construction progress of the construction and then adjust those things to create a complete construction.

The initial directions will put the player in the right direction, and thanks to it, you can efficiently complete those projects. Using the best materials to make modern buildings is one of the things that you need to pay attention to. More specifically, players will also see an excellent management system in place to help you complete the project well. Modern machines and transportation vehicles will also be included to help you complete.

Idle Construction 3D Idle Construction 3D


Players will also find that the game offers you a variety of supports and will also present challenges. You’ll run into problems that you’ll deal with on your own, but there are funny situations that distract you. However, the game also always offers timely rescue features, and if you have difficulties, the game will also help you quickly get out of those difficulties. Difficulties will always appear, and you must take timely measures if you do not want things to mess up.

Players will also complete large projects works of national stature. Thereby you will receive massive bonuses and help you gain other trust. Moreover, you will also exploit here a series of interesting upgrades, and thanks to those upgrades, you can add a modern vehicle system. Players will also sign bigger projects, and your opportunities are expanded than before. Big projects will make you feel excited, and the door to the future is waiting for you.

Through this, Idle Construction 3D shows us the unique features that this super product brings. The construction works, the villas were born, creating a suspicious transformation. What’s more interesting is that you will also have the opportunity to work with big businesses and from there gain valuable experience. The support features will also help you a lot, and from there you can earn your own profits to buy working machines.

Idle Construction 3D Idle Construction 3D


  • Become a perfect builder and design your own projects to create diversity for your industry.
  • Measure the gaps to come up with complete designs to create a first impression.
  • Embark on construction work and start from the minor jobs, soon completing the assigned tasks to receive the bonuses.
  • Gather a wide range of features to help you create the optimal moves, and based on that; you can overcome difficulties.
  • Manage your business undertake large projects to create fair business relationships with partners.
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