We built a home together in Idle Family Sim MOD APK. You will reach several life milestones and earn money to purchase anything you desire.

App NameIdle Family Sim
Latest Version1.1.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money (increases with spending)
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Idle Family Sim is a place where you can start a simulated life in a new location with a family of four. You will try to fulfill the requirements of the life goal to progress in the game and can unlock many new items as you earn a lot of money.

Idle Family Sim – Life Manager


In the new version of Idle Family Sim, players will find new elements related to decorative items. New items can make your home more enjoyable, depending on your preferences. At the same time, two locations can be decorated in this version: bedrooms and hallways. Therefore, you will spend time designing an impressive space with what you have and continue to fulfill your life goal.

Idle Family Sim – Life Manager


The gameplay that players experience in Idle Family Sim begins when a family of four arrives in a brand new home. You can see a lot of cardboard furniture and spaces in this house. So, the goal you will make in this game is to develop your life, earn a lot of money and achieve many life goals. Also, each time you have an achievement, there will be a positive change in the house.

You’ll see the game from a completely immersive perspective, and of course, you’ll be able to touch any characters and objects you see to find out information about them. At the same time, each character will display some life goals that operate similar to a mission with requirements and rewards that you can receive if you complete the milestones in this life goal. Besides money, the heart is considered an important resource created by the characters in the game.

Idle Family Sim – Life Manager


When you start experiencing Idle Family Sim, you will know how to use the resources you own inside this game and how it works. Specifically, for hearts, if you want to go to the next milestone, you will need to complete the task and spend a certain amount of heart to make this process. Completing milestones will help you increase the money you generate every hour.

Money is what helps you to buy different furniture and items. At the beginning of the game, you are also provided with money and hearts to use. At the same time, you will purchase additional elements that the characters and life goals require. Each time you upgrade an object to a new level, you will find the number of hearts generated in a period will increase, and the level of the object is the key point that you need to take care of.

Idle Family Sim – Life Manager

You will need to pay attention to that you should not waste too many resources to buy many things even though your house does not have many items. You should only buy things that the characters require at the start of the game to fulfill the life goal well to improve the amount of money you make an hour, and after that, this will help you spend more comfortably.

Idle Family Sim – Life Manager

The game gives players the experience of starting a new life with many exciting things:

  • You will join a family with four members and complete life goals in life to earn a lot of money in the game.
  • In the new house, you will find many empty rooms and make it possible to place many objects that you wish to buy with your money.
  • Resources in the game are divided into two categories: hearts and money; they will have different roles and have certain relationships.
  • You will start the game with a specific resource but should use it reasonably to improve the amount of money you can generate per hour.
  • In the new version of the game, you will certainly not be able to ignore the decorations and where you can place them.
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