App NameIdle Farm Tycoon
PublisherKolibri Games
Latest Version1.03.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Idle Farm Tycoon is a game where players will spend time developing the operation of a farm from production to delivery. You will be able to find gameplay mechanics that are completely simple and easy to implement so you can generate money in complete idleness. At the same time, you will spend time figuring out how to increase the profits you can make and hire more managers to increase production efficiency.

Idle Farm Tycoon – Merge Crops


Players will be taken to a farm of Idle Farm Tycoon that does not have anything but a warehouse containing the agricultural products you will grow in the game. So you will build areas that take on a different job in the game to run the farm and earn money over time. Your goal is quite simple: you will try to make as much money as possible and expand the size of the farm. With the money you earn, you can buy many things, hire more workers and even managers.

You will see a 2D farm area with different unlock words. The money you receive at the beginning of the game will be used to unlock three areas: farming, the transport worker’s area, and the area to receive products to deliver to the market. At the same time, each region has a specific audience that you will need to take care of its stats, and the higher their stats, the more productivity will increase and affect the amount of money you receive.

Idle Farm Tycoon – Merge Crops


Three areas of Idle Farm Tycoon will have three objects that you will be interested in and observe their development. The farming area will have rice produced and will change when there are higher levels. At the same time, the second area is the site responsible for transportation that will have workers working and will automatically move to transport products. That last area is where the agricultural products are shipped to the market, and the object you will need to observe is the number of vehicles you will use.

You will see in each area squares corresponding to the number of objects and items that you can own. The number of these squares will increase if you use the money to unlock and the starting level of the objects in the areas is level one. When two identical level 1 objects are merged, a higher level object will appear. So you will try to buy many targets and combine them to new levels, and you will see a noticeable change in their stats.

Idle Farm Tycoon – Merge Crops


The three areas you build in Idle Farm Tycoon are wholly interconnected, and you must level them up. It’s usually easier to merge them at low levels and gradually slows down as you reach higher levels. So when you get to a certain level, the area upgrade feature will appear. This feature will allow you to purchase objects of that area at a higher level. In other words, instead of buying a level 1 object, you get a level 2 object.

That’s why you will always try to level up areas evenly to unlock area upgrades. Also, since production is multi-stage, you should ensure that the operational objects have the same transport capacities and moving speeds. You can hire more staff, plant more trees and buy more vehicles to transport. You can also open chests in the game to unlock managers, and each manager will have an impressive skill to help you be more productive.

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