App NameIdle Police Tycoon
Latest Version1.2.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game will take you to a simulation world where you can become the manager of an entire police department. Indeed you have been interested and admired when you see images of policemen appearing in good movies or in a particular TV show. Sometimes you have a dream that in the future, you will also become a policeman like that. Just coming to this game, you can make your dream come true, and you also have the opportunity to run a police department.

Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game


Society is increasingly developing as it is today; besides the good sides that we often see, there is still some hidden behind, such as the problem of crime. Everywhere we can still see criminals are raging, performing evil and illegal acts. Therefore justice was born to prevent these elements in society, and the people who represent justice are the police. It can be said that the police hold a vital role in keeping order in the community, so you will take on this challenging job as well as build up a police department to serve the public.

You will start operating at a small police department and work hard day by day to grow your reputation. Your task now is to turn that small workplace into a famous police station throughout the city that everyone knows. You will have to come up with innovative strategies to bring your police department higher and higher gradually. Becoming a holder of high power will be an exciting experience for you when coming to Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game.

Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game


As a police officer you will have to put the safety of the people first, so always help and meet their needs. People who are having problems will come to your police station and report criminal cases. The staff at the front desk will receive these records and store them in a safe place. These files will then be forwarded to the police department for you to deal with the rest. Your job is to track down the criminals to catch them and keep them in the cell. After catching the criminal you will receive a well-deserved reward for the merits of money.

Your job is born to protect your people, so always complete all tasks well and help them solve problems. That is why this job always requires patience and a high sense of responsibility from everyone. You will take on the role of a captain, so tasks such as managing departments, hiring people, managing resources, and tracking criminals in the surrounding area will be handled by you alone. If you are worried that you won’t be able to do it, don’t worry. The game will guide you through everything.

Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game


If you work in a place with full facilities, the quality of work will be much better, so you will have the task of expanding and upgrading your police department. You can open up a few more areas like more lounges so there’s enough room for everyone and no one has to wait. Since the number of criminals will increase, it is also necessary to have more cells.

In addition to the expansion, you can also upgrade some equipment such as coffee machines, bookcases, or even TVs to keep everyone entertained while waiting for their turn. Especially you also need to buy more furniture to decorate and make your police station look modern like no other. Surely these will make your people feel satisfied because they are served very enthusiastically.

Becoming a talented cop and owning a police department is a great experience that you should not miss. Coming to Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game, you will get moments of relaxation and entertainment by the exciting gameplay it brings. In addition, you also have the opportunity to learn as well as learn more about how a police department works and the work of a policeman.

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