Idle Robots is a game that allows players to create intelligent robots at their disposal. Beautiful graphics and vivid sound also bring players to the true experience of becoming a great robot maker.

App Name Idle Robots
Publisher LittleBit!
Genre Strategy
Size 115M
Latest Version 2.7.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Diamonds
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With the current 4.0 technology era, Robots are no longer strange to all of us, but creating a robot is something that no one thinks about. So why not start thinking about it today. Idle Robots will give you the experience of programming your own robot.

Idle Robots Idle Robots


Making a robot may be too much of a luxury for ordinary people, but put that thought out now because this game will show that anyone can become a robot maker. You can create your own programming for your robot so that it serves life. If you are finding life inconvenient in any way, you can program your robot to make life more perfect.


Coming to Idle Robots is also an opportunity for you to discover new passions and interests. You may be passionate about crafting programming, but life keeps dragging you to work, and you miss that hobby, so let’s start over with this game. Players will experience the feeling of becoming real robot makers by assembling and programming the Robots at their own discretion.

Idle Robots Idle Robots


In this game, you will be exposed to things like T 800, R2-D2, D.O.G, ARM,… which are items that you have never seen before. These are the parts in a Robot that make it programmable, intelligent, and functional. And this game has a lot of objects that need you to unlock to perfect and upgrade your robot, so join the game right away.

If you are a robot enthusiast, passionate about manufacturing and programming, then join Idle Robots right away. This is where you can satisfy your creativity to create intelligent robots for your life. The game promises to bring you the most realistic robot-building moments with vivid visual and sound effects.

Idle Robots Idle Robots


  • The game is a place for players to show off their assembly, crafting, and programming talents to create intelligent robots.
  • You can rely on the inadequacies of life to create intelligent robots for life.
  • Players will be exposed to parts such as T 800, R2-D2, D.O.G, ARM, …. so that the robot can function.
  • The game depicts beautiful graphics and vivid sounds for you to have a realistic experience of being an honest robot builder.
  • Players can do their crafting even offline, which helps you go more smoothly while creating the robot.
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