Immortal Soul Mod APK takes the players to explore horror areas to collect materials and craft weapons. You will fight enemies when encountered in the journey to explore the horror lands and become the last survivor.

  • Mod Menu
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Damage Multiplier

Works on PVE

Modded By Yaskashije

App Name Immortal Soul
Publisher Boltrend Games
Genre Strategy
Size 1.26 GB
Latest Version 11.2.00
MOD Info Menu/Damage, Defense
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As a player who loves action is passionate about adventure, and has a weird style, choosing to download Immortal Soul: Black Survival game to your computer is an extremely wise choice. This is not just a simple fighting and action game; you can experience the thrill and fiery competition between your friends playing around the world.

Immortal Soul: Black Survival


Immortal Soul: Black Survival is set on a deserted island with more than 22 desolate areas. Surrounded by buildings on barren land, what will you do in this scary place? Runaway? No, your mission will be to run, track and fight hard to become the only winner. Don’t let yourself get lost and disoriented. Make up your own battle strategy in each certain area to easily control the evil monsters. There will be a simple diagram for you to grasp the situation, go strong to the finish line and bravely fight against evil.


A variety of attack skills are built-in for you to explore and utilize. Every battle will reach its climax when in the most intense fighting positions; in the game, there will be a number of skills equipped in the corner of the screen, and with just a few touches, you can completely control and most robust fight. Darts, sticks, knives, swords, use them wisely to scare the monsters and make way. There will be many character styles for you to choose from depending on your preferences, each with its own advantages and strengths. So the more characters you collect, the more advantages you have.


Players will be arranged in a squad of 10 to fight, but this is not really your comrade. Please note that your job will not necessarily be shared with them; fight and become the leader. The battle will not stop until the winner is determined. Prove to Immortal Soul: Black Survival that you are the most passionate, the wisest person in this war. Take advantage of all the weapons and coins in stock, equip the best items to win glorious victories, complete missions, and receive the most valuable rewards.

Immortal Soul: Black Survival


Coming to the world of Immortal Soul: Black Survival, you won’t have to worry about the default and boring game modes. Because the manufacturer has integrated countless stimulating game modes for you to choose from the most wonderful options, serving all your needs: Individual duel, 1-on-1, team-fight, thrilling leaderboard, … There will be 45 character modes with countless Japanese anime-style costumes to suit the interests of many young people. Equip weapons, choose characters, defend firmly, and fight to get the best mood when entering the fiery battlefield. Bring back the glorious victory in every battle to quickly level up, collect rewards, upgrade game resources. The most thrilling and dramatic action experiences will always be waiting for you.


Battle royale is an endless resource for you to explore and exploit. Use your crafting ability to reward yourself with the most useful items: weapons, gears, traps, or even food and drink to recharge energy are also equipped. The trap is a cunning technique to lure monsters into the trap and destroy them quickly and decisively. Combat guns should also be regularly upgraded with bullets with great destructive power. Darts allow difficult attacks with extremely significant damage. The monsters will fall entirely with your fighting power. Become the top in the battle rankings with the most gifts.


Immortal Soul has integrated the intelligent connection feature with friends: Black Survival to help players have the most impressive and engaging experiences. Cross-platform support allows you to connect with millions of other players worldwide. Get up to speed quickly create an unbeatable squad to fight for the optimal position for yourself quickly. This support will give you the most vital solidarity, and you will not be alone in this challenging arena!

Immortal Soul: Black Survival


  • Immortal Soul: Black Survival is the most engaging action-horror game on the charts.
  • The diverse combat area with 22 scenes will open up the vastest and most diverse fighting world.
  • Be the last survivor of 10 friends to play with the most valuable items.
  • Each of the rich game modes included in the game will give players the most dramatic adventure.
  • The inventory is equipped with many advanced weapons to support you in every match, use the coins you earn to buy items, and upgrade weapons.
  • Cross-platform connectivity is fun and dramatic.
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