Simple! Easy! Funny! INFINITE KNIGHT Mod APK is a whole new concept for an idle 3D role-playing game! Play it now!

Always Critical
High Attack Speed
Gold No Decrease
Soul No Decrease
Diamond No Decrease
BlackSoul No Decrease

Important Info :
“Work only on clean environnement and all emulator no rooted”
GameGuardian , LuckyPatcher , SBkiller , or other tool like this need to be Uninstalled.

Latest Version2.20.10
MOD InfoMega Menu, BlackSoul, Diamond
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The hero of the story is a knight whose daughter is abducted by the antagonists, who intend to use her as a sacrifice to appease a dragon. These villains steal the girl from the knight. You will take on the role of a knight as you explore dungeons, battle waves of monsters, sorcerers, and vermin, and make your way through the game.

It is no longer necessary for the player to take control of the avatar for it to move, battle, or loot objects in the environment; as the player advances through the storyline of the game, the obstacles that the game’s villains present get progressively more difficult. Consequently, the user is required to provide his avatar with increasingly sophisticated clothing and weaponry. You are free to visit the shop anytime you choose because it is situated in such a handy area at the bottom of the screen, and this means that you do not have to leave the current fight to do so.

There is seldom an occasion that calls for the implementation of complicated regulations. You can take control of the main character at any time during the fight and steer them through the conflict in whichever way you see fit. You only need to touch him once to initiate an attack, thanks to his special ability. You can construct the ideal version of yourself in the game by experimenting with more than eighty different weapons and ninety various things. The character’s abilities and the equipment that he uses are both very flexible in their fundamental characteristics.

In addition to an overall boost in stamina, he will also have improved power and quickness when using specific types of weaponry. Quickness in one’s ascension to the top is unrivaled by anyone else! We make it our business to ensure that you develop a pathological dependence on this. Players can converse with one another and the game’s developers via the in-game chat feature, which is also accessible to the developers. More than 250 missions, including more than 25 daily chores, must be completed to meet the requirements.

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