Interactive Stories: Lovesick Mod APK allows you to choose romantic love scenes in the stories themselves. Players will be the main characters who make love stories and receive positive things in this game.

App NameInteractive Stories: Lovesick
PublisherArarat Games
Latest Version1.2.1
MOD InfoFree Premium Choices
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Interactive Stories: Lovesick will offer different romantic love stories for players to choose from. This new simulation game is gaining great love from the players because of its unique features and impressive visuals. Players will also find new exciting things, and it is these self-planned stories that give you a lot of different emotions. Let’s create the most beautiful love stories for yourself.

Interactive Stories: LovesickInteractive Stories: Lovesick


The first thing you do is choose a love story that you like best. After choosing, you will be the character in the story itself, and its direction will depend on your decision. The game will also suggest you the perfect routes to make your story stand out like never before. Thanks to stories like these, you get to meet close friends.


Players will participate in an important event, and there you will meet new friends. And among them appeared a polite guy who wanted to talk to you. Your eyes have noticed this guy for a long time because you have also been hit by lightning. The fun, the talk makes the two become closer. This boyfriend will also invite you on romantic dates for both of you, and gradually, the relationship will be closer.

Interactive Stories: LovesickInteractive Stories: Lovesick


However, the two will also have some disagreements because they do not really understand each other. Geographical distance, distance, or different thinking will also upset the other person. But with great love like this, you and your boyfriend will quickly get over it. It’s also fun to plan a long future together or consider marriage. You will live in happiness and be protected and loved by your man.

Choose any love story, and you will understand how far the people in the story are?

  • The player will be the main female lead, participate in unique events with her boyfriend, and find many mysteries.
  • Take trips with your lover and organize simple parties for the two of you to review the memories together.
  • Overcoming the difficulties of distance and overcoming misunderstandings to be able to come together to a happy marriage.
  • Prepare beautiful costumes and use the game’s accessories to create a unique wedding ceremony.
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