Island War Mod APK opens up conquests to different locations with the various soldiers you own. You can create more powerful minions or open new minion cards to diversify your squad.

App Name Island War
Publisher Fastone Games HK
Genre Strategy
Size 350M
Latest Version 4.4.3
MOD Info Dumb Enemy
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Island War is a game where players will find many different troops to go to conquer other islands. You will spend time finding new units that have specific roles in battle and support each other during infiltrations of enemy bases. At the same time, you can also increase the strength of your troops and unlock powerful allies to protect your island.

Island War Island War


In the world of Island War, the islands the player will prepare to conquer are separated from the world’s central continent. From there, you will be the one to travel to different islands and overcome many layers of enemy defenses to gather necessary resources and develop your island. You will establish yourself an army with many diverse characteristics when each defense of the islands has different characteristics in this game.

Your army only uses swords at the beginning, so it revolves around their strength when conquering new islands. At the same time, you will be the one to see the results and not have any impact on their battle. Therefore, arranging the squads and upgrading them is what you can do before the battle begins. The upgrade mechanism is straightforward to implement but will consume many players’ resources.

Island War


At the beginning of the Island War screen, you will see buildings on the opponent’s island and ships carrying your troops below. When you click on it, they will quickly appear and move ashore to attack the opponent’s troops and other buldings continuously. It all stops when one side is destroyed, and you will receive gold and resources so you can continue to upgrade your strength.

The upgrade mechanism in this game is straightforward when you will be the one to match two similar types of troops to achieve a higher number of stars. For example, when two sword-wielding units have the same number of stars, you can drag one unit back to the position of the remaining unit. You will see the results shortly after, and the number of troops will continue to increase to help you create a stronger squad as some islands have defensive ways to challenge the penetration of the player.

Island War


Besides building an army, you also need to make your island and develop its defense in Island War. You’ll see defense stats as you build or add something new. At the same time, you will be able to unlock different types of troops and help you conquer many challenging island types, such as adding long-range attack archers. In addition, the money you earn together can be used to spin new cards in the game.

These cards will appear as a surprise, and each opening will require a higher amount of money than the previous one. Also, if you’re lucky, you can unlock rarer cards and impressive assortment power. So you will be able to unlock more ships to carry your troops.

The game opens a journey of conquest to many different islands:

  • You will find diverse islands with diverse enemies and buildings that you can invade and collect related resources.
  • The number of levels you find is wholly varied with different difficulty levels and requires you to upgrade your squad.
  • You also get an island to develop and set up the defense with troops of various types.
  • The upgrade mechanism is straightforward as you can create stronger minions from two identical units or unlock new troops.
  • You will use the money you own to open the cards of the soldiers, and if you are lucky, it will be a rare card that can help you.
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