Jillian Michaels Mod APK is an integrated workout app with nutrition tips and recipes. You will easily find many different types of exercise and the proper regimen to lose weight and stay healthy.

App NameJillian Michaels
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Jillian Michaels brings you many different types of workouts for many purposes. The users can also adjust the number of exercises and intensity as they choose the appropriate difficulty. At the same time, a completely diverse number of recipes that you can refer to can be added to the list for quick search, and you will create your suitable training and eating regimen.


If you are looking for a home workout, you should try Jillian Michaels, a fitness app that offers many useful features and tips for different fitness purposes. You will easily watch videos and work out according to what you see with intensity from basic to advanced so that users can change the training mode as they want. At the same time, the application also supports different types of workouts that they can choose from.

Jillian Michaels | Fitness AppJillian Michaels | Fitness App


The types of workouts in Jillian Michaels that can be found include fitness, yoga, Abs, and many more. At the same time, the number of exercises is completely varied, and the length can also range from 10 to 45 minutes with the transition times between exercises can be adjusted.


Besides exercise, eating the right foods is also a contributing factor to helping you lose weight and have good health, and Jillian Michaels also provides you with some advice on this. There are many recipes that you can refer to, and it also takes into account if you are allergic to certain foods. At the same time, you can also find recipes for weight loss, muscle gain to suit the type of sport you are practicing.


It can be said that users can use Jillian Michaels to create a training and nutrition platform that is right for them. They can practice anytime they want with the time, the difficulty of the exercise, the location, and many other factors. At the same time, you can also choose the number of servings and bookmark your favorite recipes for easy search. Indeed this is a feature that any user will not ignore.

Jillian Michaels | Fitness AppJillian Michaels | Fitness App

Users can find many features to help you stay fit and healthy:

  • Users have access to a clear workout guide through videos that help them observe and follow them correctly.
  • The number of exercises ranges from basic to advanced so that users can freely choose exercises suitable for their physical fitness.
  • The application supports many different workout types to help you aim for various purposes such as weight loss, increasing endurance, and others.
  • There are many nutrition tips and recipes that you can refer to and suit your training purposes.
  • Training and nutrition regimens can be customized by you and help create fit and help you maintain the regimen in the long run.
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