KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is virtual network software that helps you connect faster to other networks by connecting to the internet and through which you can access the websites you want.

App NameKeepSolid VPN Unlimited
PublisherKeepSolid Inc
Latest Version9.1.0
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Although it is a virtual private network, basically, this application will work as a real internet so that you can use it most efficiently and do not need to worry when your home network has problems. In addition, you will be allowed to access blocked websites and have a more straightforward experience with just one touch, and the application will help you protect and store more private data.

VPN Unlimited – Free VPN Proxy Shield


Most users today are familiar with VPN because of the unique features it brings. Your browser will work under the monitoring eyes of wifi networks, so there are no access problems. Accessible is also understandable. It can be said that this is an indispensable application because of the development of technology. However, sometimes we will still have network problems or even not be granted access to websites.

With the appearance of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, you will not have to worry about the above problem because the application will support you optimally so that you can use the network without interruption. VPN will allow you to create secure connections to other networks without spending too much time. In addition, you will be connected to the network no matter how far or near to get a better experience, and the internet speed is also significantly increased.

VPN Unlimited – Free VPN Proxy ShieldVPN Unlimited – Free VPN Proxy Shield


It is reliable software to use because it will help you eliminate network problems you have encountered before and provide many unique features for you to enjoy. Besides, a VPN system will usually work based on connecting many different sites depending on the geographical area in each city. Usually, you will be blocked from any website in a certain geographical area, so it will cause inconvenience and make users feel uncomfortable about this problem.

So the best solution is to use KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, then customize the network area you want so that the application can connect to your device and unlock the banned websites. In addition, the application will also unblock online video streaming websites that you previously could not access, so just enjoy the benefits that this application brings.


The application will be a perfect choice if you surf the web but still want to protect your privacy. If you often use public wifi networks and surf on unknown websites, the risk of your information and data being stolen is very high. Therefore, the benefit of using a VPN is that it will hide all your browsing history without checking your activity or deleting it.

This is the fastest way for you to protect your critical data while hiding all the websites you have just visited. Another convenient thing is that the application allows you to use it without limits with free access rights. This is a reliable application with over five years of experience in the security field, so you can rest assured to use it because its reputation is always on the top.

VPN Unlimited – Free VPN Proxy ShieldVPN Unlimited – Free VPN Proxy Shield


DNS is defined as a resolution system to make it easier for your electronic devices to connect to the server and find web pages. VPN Unlimited – Proxy Shield will provide you with a DNS firewall mode that helps your smartphone avoid viruses and malware infections. When you visit websites, you will find that there will be times when anonymous phishing websites appear, and if you press it, your phone may be infected with a virus, so you need to use this software as a cover to protect. In addition, you can activate the Kill Switch feature to make the process go smoothly and without any interruptions.


  • Give users a new experience through unique features, and you can use the fastest internet without any problems
  • The application is virtual private network software that helps users avoid common mistakes when surfing the web, including not accessing websites in some regions and geographies.
  • Accessing the internet has never been easier when connecting with this application. Besides, you will be granted access to previously blocked websites and surf the web smoother
  • The application with more than five years of security experience will help protect your access rights when using, and you do not need to worry about problems such as theft of critical data
  • Experience more attractive features, and you will be provided with a DNS firewall to avoid virus intrusion or malicious software when encountering websites with inappropriate content
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