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App NameKing Of Steering
PublisherUMX Studio
Latest Version12.0.0
MOD InfoFree Rewards
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King Of Steering – KOS Drift is considered a paradise of legendary racing cars that cannot be missed if you are a speed enthusiast. Here, you can admire the car collection from many famous brands. Along with that is the ability to customize the device freely; the parameters are boldly personal. Not only that, you can participate in diverse game modes with often attractive parts waiting.

King Of Steering – KOS Drift


Appearing in front of you are hundreds of cars with a variety of colors and shapes for players to choose and use. Not to mention Sonata sedans like sport sedan-like charger, 4×4 wheel like super, pick up cars, etc. Not only that, but you can also own a pickup truck system used to carry goods and vehicles—buses with many seats… to luxury cars like Yukon or Rolls.

King Of Steering – KOS Drift


When you come to King Of Steering, you are free to upgrade, customize from the exterior to the car’s interior, even parameters related to brakes, speed, etc. We are waiting for your strength. Unlimited creativity of players to jointly create the most spectacular, outstanding cars bearing your imprint. You can change any car color or recolor it to look as good as possible. Not only that, the icons that are glued or attached are also designed, cut, and assembled by you.

King Of Steering – KOS Drift


Like many other racing games, King Of Steering gives all players the same two game modes. Whether you are a member who just joined this common house or have become a senior, you can participate in online and offline game modes. In addition, if you are bored with those two preferential regimes, you can come to a special mode called “tafjeer.” This is a fascinating thing that attracts millions of players to stay with us until the end.

King Of Steering – KOS Drift


A real-world in a virtual world is welcoming you with open arms. The emotions that we bring to you are entirely similar to reality when you have the opportunity to buy food and reserve food at supermarkets and luxury restaurants. Not only that, the life of a driver, a racer, is simulated through stopping at a gas station to fill up fuel or even going to an ATM to withdraw money for shopping.


Along with these exciting activities is a different map system throughout the city. King Of Steering will give you the shortest, most intuitive, and convenient route for your work when you start searching. It also clearly displays signs of fast lanes, highways, etc. Not only that, but this adventure also has to face inclement or favorable weather depending on the actual season as well as day and night mode.

King Of Steering – KOS Drift


Players can challenge millions of other players worldwide by communicating with them using the voice chat system. Here, you can chat with your friends daily by text, audio. Not only that, but you also get to make many international friends, expand your relationships and learn more experiences and different professional knowledge. Besides challenging, King Of Steering allows you to give them any key, any reward without receiving it in return.

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