King Rivals Mod APK wishes you could command the upcoming wars. This game is going strong, and the player will also be a character known for his ingenious battle leadership.

App Name King Rivals: War Clash
Publisher TOPEBOX
Genre Strategy
Size 90M
Latest Version 1.3.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The battles for survival are taking place in King Rivals, and the player will also be a famous commander. This is a strategy game that combines unique action elements; players have the right to choose their team members. The game gives you options to defeat the enemy, and you can change the army as you wish. The interesting things are gradually revealed, and you can feel all these changes.

King Rivals: War Clash – PvP multiplayer strategy


It would help if you did right now to form a powerful army with additional support members. Players will be experienced commanders who can plan compelling battles. At the same time, you must identify the enemies you need to face, distant enemies. They are looking to take over neighboring areas and expand a wide range of areas.

King Rivals: War Clash – PvP multiplayer strategy


Those enemies are self-destructively destroying your secret vault and are approaching the cave entrance. In the cave will be the shelter of your teammates, and you will also be destroyed if the cave door is knocked down. Players will be allowed to use unique accompanying weapons to defeat those big enemies. Moreover, you will also be supported by large cannons, and they will stop the enemy for you. It would help if you also placed bombs in the area in front of the cave entrance or ambush with spontaneous electric traps.

King Rivals: War Clash – PvP multiplayer strategy


Sometimes your army will get into difficult situations and force you to use your support features. Players also need to change the different methods of defeat and win other great heroes. Players, after defeating those enemies, will have to protect essential bases. It would help if you also built common orders to maintain peace and stability in the area you are taking over.

King Rivals: War Clash – PvP multiplayer strategy


  • Choose a random army and rely on your ability to lead the army to defeat other enemies.
  • Use great weapons and support vehicles effectively to achieve great victories.
  • Try to hold on to the cave door and deploy additional troops to protect the outside to avoid unnecessary direct attacks.
  • Change the squad and select more outstanding members to help you defeat more big enemies.
  • Win a well-deserved victory and try to maintain peace in the area you are taking over.
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