MOD 1 

  • Unlimited Money


  1. MOD Menu
  2. Kill the enemy to get a super high diamond reward (open before entering the level)
  3. Tower damage is very high (open before entering the level)
  4. All heroes are available
  5. You can buy it without diamonds
App Name Kingdom Rush Origins
Publisher Ironhide Games
Genre Strategy
Size 201M
Latest Version 5.8.02
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The return of the Kingdom Rush saga is Kingdom Rush Origins which is a big hit in-game forums and gamers alike. This is a fascinating and highly anticipated unique strategy game that offers a mix of traditional gameplay with modern innovations. This will certainly make a special game, satisfying the entertainment needs of new players, those who loved the previous parts, and even the most demanding players.

Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower Defense Game


This strategy game is warned to be highly addictive and is published by Ironhide Games – a game studio known for similar defense games. The Kingdom Rush Saga has won countless compliments, awards, and great enthusiasm before; Kingdom Rush Origins will continue that success.

This game is the third part of this saga, and now it will be amazing new surprises. Keeping the character and traditional gameplay of the old saga, this game returns with a highly engaging and unprecedented prequel adventure.


The context of Kingdom Rush Origins is still as beautiful as its two predecessors. You will have the opportunity to go to beautiful lands but without losing the original roughness and rawness of the typical graphics in this game. Visit mysterious fairy forests, fairylands, unspoiled ruins of the ancient capitals, and many other mysterious places that will surprise you.

Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower Defense Game


Basically, the gameplay has not changed much and still retains the same tradition as previous games in the series. In general, you will still build strong turrets and upgrade them to prevent attacks of many types of enemies. But unlike the previous parts, in this third part, the developer has made it harder for you with severe challenges. Your enemies are more robust, and they have special abilities that do not control you, making it difficult for you to defend your tower.

The little youkai may be a little easier to defeat, but the giant monsters will have no mercy on you. They can annoy you with every trick they have, and sometimes you will feel significantly inhibited because they are tough to destroy. So the most critical factor in winning in this game is, by default, experience, and strategy. If you are brighter, the time for you to learn, research the enemy, and come up with a strategy will be faster. But don’t be discouraged; this is also a game to practice perseverance and don’t give up; this is your time to prove yourself.

Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower Defense Game


There are various game modes, including classic iron and hero. Your mission revolves around protecting the castle from evil, evil enemies who want to attack your city. Master your nine powerful heroes, upgrade them, train them to become the best heroes to make them a strong wall protecting your tower. Each hero has special skills, powers and possesses excellent magic. With three difficulty modes with 70 different challenges, you must increase your strength and equip all kinds of weapons to destroy increasingly powerful enemies.

Your tower is also upgraded with eight upgrades and 18 abilities. You can equip and possess the most confusing and special defenses that you do not expect. In fierce and fiery battles, you can summon reinforcements and use the unique powers of your mighty heroes to wipe out your enemies. There are more than 30 types of enemies with different skins and skills that you must destroy. In addition, there are more epic enemies like bosses that will challenge you.

Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower Defense Game


Kingdom Rush Origins has an encyclopedia that allows you to learn and research in full detail about your enemies and towers. Please take advantage of this encyclopedia because it can help you come up with tactics to destroy the enemy. Besides, you can buy new devices in the Gnome store.

The adventure in this adventurous world is open and waiting for you to explore. Now you have in your hands an excellent game with endless entertainment. Have solid and intelligent strategies to show your abilities and become invincible in Kingdom Rush Origins. This magical wonderland will bring you the most fun and exciting entertainment moments.

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