Knights and Glory MOD APK allow players to participate in battles as strategic commanders. Solid attack and defense plans, beautiful formations, and many recruits will be what you need to join the fun.


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App Name Knights and Glory
Publisher Oracle Games Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 69M
Latest Version 2.3
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Speed
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Knights and Glory simulate the war between many clans; in that chaotic world, the player as a mentor will implement his plans so that the master does not accept defeat. All you need to do is collect troops and prepare the most special plans. Each battle takes place in the tensest atmosphere. Players need to arrange a suitable battle formation to complete the assigned tasks. The intense quest has only just begun; you can become a talented general by your decision.

Knights and Glory – Battle


Relying on the resources available at Knights and Glory, players can grow their army and perfect the kingdom to become one of the powerful clans. Useful items for your battle will be ready in many different locations. Players take steps to fight, win and collect valuable rewards. You can find more items when you explore new lands and new battles.

Soldiers are also the most accessible resource for players to find. Soldiers will be divided into many different ranks, based on their strength for the system to make this decision. The number of generals is always less than soldiers, and team members are always equipped with high-damage weapons. In each confrontation, the player can only use the correct number of troops specified by the system. The number of soldiers cannot exceed the limit because we will monitor them.

Knights and Glory – Battle


The most dangerous and time-consuming activity in Knights and Glory is battles. Players can face many powerful clans with a squad of wise and experienced soldiers. However, you still have to direct the army to fight hard to protect the kingdom, land, and treasure. In addition, the sweep event can help you form valuable experience and lessons when leading an army. The opportunity to receive additional rewards from glorious victories or discover new types of champions is also an exciting experience.

Representing your squad is an essential strategy, and the game will emphasize the role of your squad arrangement and use of soldiers. Before the match begins, players are given time to make arrangements and confirm consent. When everything is accepted, the battle officially begins. You rely on the way you deploy your squad to survive to the end, make full use of your power, and quickly take down any opponent.

Knights and Glory – Battle


Players can lead their squad to join different clans and form great battle teams in Knights and Glory. The combination of many different sources of power will help players easily cope with the sudden and massive attacks of many enemies. In addition, clan alliances also regularly organize interesting events to increase the ability of members to develop. You can get more membership benefits like discounted items, get free items and gain more experience points for wins happening during this time.

Knights and Glory – Battle


Knights and Glory continue the upcoming stories with special challenges that require specific strategic preparation and powerful armies. Recruiting more soldiers will directly affect the match’s outcome, and players have an additional opportunity to use soldiers when it is a challenging confrontation. You will need the support of the accompanying power sources, speeding up attacks without losing too much strength. In addition, the plots, many treasure chests, and special items are also an excellent gift for you when the stronghold is held, and victory is decided.

Knights and Glory – Battle


  • Explore the story of the clans’ non-stop fighting, building situations where quick and timely decisions are needed. Players have plenty of time to practice and learn from the hint system.
  • Valuable supports are given, such as interface, picture quality, and sound. Besides, there is a combination of performance and movement-related factors to help you easily control the character.
  • Challenge yourself with many levels, many challenges, and difficult missions when participating as a talented general. Each level will own a certain difficulty, and you can try with small levels.
  • Complete the most important mission, including protecting your kingdom and treasure from the pursuit of the enemy. The specified troops will be the ones to implement the strategy you give directly.
  • Rewards for the team playing winning are the rich land, many coins, and many soldiers. You can level up when eligible participate in any group match.
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