Kryss – The Battle of Words is known as the world’s paradise, looking for the most exciting crossword on the planet. Through it, you can experience yoga for the brain along with funny moments with your opponent.

App Name Kryss – The Battle of Words
Publisher Word and Sudoku Games
Genre Word
Size 106M
Latest Version 7.88
MOD Info Unliimited Powerups
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Kryss is a turn-based game based on endless inspiration that wants to develop and optimize further from the old-school Scandinavian style. Now players can compete directly with other players in the same crossword and puzzle, and this will further increase the player’s tension in a battle and promote faster brain activity. After each battle round, you will receive rewards to gain the upper hand for future battles.

Kryss – The Battle of Words


With the latest version, you can comfortably experience this game a lot more interesting, thanks to the addition of new features. The battles with the most difficult levels are added to challenge the patience and guesswork of the player. Not stopping there, we also constantly bring unique Power-ups that will become your right hand to conquer Kryss.

With each special character released, there will be different impressive values ​​that no one can bring but it. Will you be able to make the most of the special abilities we offer? It will become the trump card that saves the player in this career. Every time you get stuck in a mess, it will work or even be used to help you find the answers to the crosswords right away.

Kryss – The Battle of Words

Not only that, the fun that Kryss brings has not come to an end when the coin plays the role of saving you at high levels; now players can be ready to collect it. After each battle takes place, players will definitely receive coins; however, if you win, the number of coins you put in the collection will become much more significant. So use that as a motivation for you to be ready to search for clues and find answers.

Kryss – The Battle of Words


This is a game between two players who compete against each other, challenge and check memory, intelligence, along with the same image. Upon entering this world, Kryss displays before your eyes the blank crosswords waiting for you to fill in to create a complete and meaningful sentence. First, the player will receive only five letters with each turn. At the end of the opponent’s turn, they will also receive the same number of letters as you, and then it will be your turn. And so on until a winner is found.

Time also becomes a big challenge for players if you are just getting used to this game. In just 1 minute, you will start the process of placing letters after a while of thinking and wondering. With the game screen just beginning at a superficial level, 60 seconds can be considered a lot, but even 600 seconds can not be understood later on.

Kryss – The Battle of Words


However, Kryss offers players one-of-a-kind valuable solutions based on your accumulation since entering this world. Remember the rewards we gave you before. This is the right time for them to show their special ability and strength. You can always complete the word you want to find through 100% hints; besides, it can be precisely one of the letters in each round to gradually complete it.

  • Lost in the wonderland of letters that make up a perfect sentence.
  • As a turn-based game, you get five individual letters for each turn.
  • In just 60 seconds, you have to put your hand on the letter that you think is part of the answer.
  • Challenge your teammates one-on-one with their imagination, reasoning, and vocabulary knowledge.
  • Get coins after each battle is over; whether you lose or win if you win, it will be more than doubled.
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