App Name Last Fortress Underground
Genre Strategy
Size 1.2G
Latest Version 1.312.002
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Last Fortress – where life can only be counted on the fingers, where the zombies raging like a violent wave. That’s what you have to face when entering this game full of temptation. You enter a lonely world in which you will face the chaos, the hunger of the zombies who have not seen their prey for a long time. In this game, you will be the commander of the survivors. There is not much time left for you to think, find shelter and resolve to defeat all zombies and return to life.

Last Fortress: Underground WHAT’S SPECIAL IN THE NEW VERSION?

When standing between life and death, you must be more alert than ever. That’s what you need when joining Last Fortress. Would you expect a better version of this game? We will do it all for you, and now there is the function of moving to the main city in the new version. With this feature, you can find an alliance headquarters nearby and can inhabit with more complete supplies. Also, in the new version, players can choose to get aid from many different sources to make sure they don’t die in the desert.

Last Fortress: Underground


Facing filthy zombies is a massive challenge for you; in addition to protecting your own life, you also have to protect the lives of the survivors. All the last living creatures in Last Fortress will gather in a team, and you will be the commander. To make sure that no one gets infected, that is a must-have now. To do that, you must mobilize people to find and build a perfect shelter.

Last Fortress: Underground


Among your companions, each will have one or several skills or abilities that can accomplish something. From you as a talented leader to dedicated chefs or medical doctors, no one is at risk of infection. It is a condition for people to trust each other in the midst of the chaotic zombies like now. And that is also the ability for people to live and survive in that lonely space.,

Last Fortress: Underground


To ensure a higher life for everyone, you must devise the perfect strategy to find your way back to this normal. As a first step, you must thoroughly understand the abilities that everyone possesses when joining Last Fortress with you. You will then divide them into different armies and split the action. Join everyone to fight hard with those monstrous zombies. They show solidarity and overcome challenges, conquering all even if it is the most challenging task.


Living in a desolate environment, you cannot work or find clean food to sustain yourself and the people here. Therefore, the player must seek outside help, providing a clean food source for those trapped here. You can also mobilize people to build and clear wasteland to find and grow food sources. But beware, watch out for the prowling zombies!

Last Fortress: Underground


If you want to complete any job successfully, you need the companionship and support of those around you. And in Last Fortress is no exception; if you find it too difficult to fight alone, gather your friends to fight on this battlefield with you. You can also create teammates or alliances with strangers – who want to protect their own lives and are lovers of new discoveries.

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