Legends of Chronos Mod APK – Construct your metropolis side by side with your five-star waifus!

App Name Legends of Chronos
Publisher AKG Games
Genre Strategy
Size 350M
Latest Version 7.0.0
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In Legends of Chronos, you take on the role of a heroic figure entrusted with the responsibility of reviving an ancient civilization to its former glory.

Legends of Chronos is a strategy video game developed by AKG Games and is now available on Android-only devices. The year 213, the current year, marks the beginning of the Middle Ages for the entire country. The former monarch has ambitions to restore the former greatness of the kingdoms. And are you going to rule as the Lord of Prophecy? The game’s objective is for the player to find his own culture and civilization through city-building. The players, just as in other games of this type, will have to collect resources to manufacture various building materials. This will prepare the groundwork for the subsequent stage. While playing the game, you feel you are an actual king or queen.

Building up a solid asset portfolio takes time and effort, but maintaining such holdings is of the utmost significance. Both national growth and security are essential to one another. You will need an army if you want to keep your wealth safe and continue robbing other nations of their natural resources. To facilitate the expansion of the player’s nation, instruct its citizens in the art of strategy. In a game where an army cannot function without a leader, giving players the option to choose from more than 90 different heroes through the “one each person/ten entire ten” mechanic expands the tactical options available to players. They are excellent candidates for promotion because you can change their talents and make them stronger by boosting their statistics, and this makes them very desirable. It makes you more effective in combat.

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