App NameLightleap
PublisherLightricks Ltd.
Latest Version1.4.0.1
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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Lightleap, Photo by Lightricks, will be a really effective tool to be able to create great photos. Typically to be able to take perfect photos, you will definitely need to acquire really professional skills. But sometimes, the recorded photos do not meet our requirements and expectations. Then, your photos will receive the help of the application to be edited and turned into the perfect version.


One of the highlights of this application that needs to be mentioned is that you can change the photo’s background. More than 60 different backgrounds have been prepared for users to choose from for their photos. Lots of special themes from sunrise, sunset, sunny sky, a little shower, and more. To be able to choose for yourself, you will just need to use the touch operation, the background will be changed.

Lightleap, Photo by LightricksLightleap, Photo by Lightricks


Often a photo will never be perfect, and there are a few points that we are not satisfied with. The heal feature will allow users to perfect the image by removing items in front or in the image’s background. At that time, the image will only be focused on certain subjects that the user wants.


To get a good photo, the main color of the image will be one of the critical factors to be able to decide. With Lightleap, users will be able to completely change the color tone of the photo to convey the perfect emotion to the viewer. Try searching for topics like fade, warm, urban, black and white,… and the app will bring you the most suitable Filters.


Changing one’s view of a point of view will be very difficult, but another view of a photograph will be quite easy. From the right tones, special touches, or your signature will change other people’s perception of the image. Put it all together and you will feel the unexpected.

Lightleap, Photo by LightricksLightleap, Photo by LightricksLightleap, Photo by Lightricks


Besides the colors, background, or subject, to be able to create accents for the photo, adding a few effects will be a good thing to do. The application will provide you with a lot of different effects so that you will be able to unleash your creativity. From weather effects, seasons of the year to sparkles, shadow effects, lens flares will be noticeable highlights to enhance the image.


In addition to the different editing features, users will also be able to edit images to become suitable for them ultimately. Simple adjustments like lighting, saturation, the contrast will be made easily. Moreover, you can completely change the image structure, such as cropping, merging, adding highlights, and making them truly special.

A good photo will be one that can please everyone, from the photographer to the viewer. But to be able to do this, the image will have to meet a lot of strict requirements from color, contrast, saturation, tones, effects, backgrounds and more. All of these can be edited in an extremely simple way through Lightleap, making the images the most special.

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