Little Stories: Bedtime Books Mod APK – Children’s books tell stories for young readers. Books for infants and toddlers that may be read aloud and come with sound effects

App NameLittle Stories: Bedtime Books
PublisherDiveo Media – Story Books for Kids
Latest Version3.4.44
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Little Stories is a great collection of children’s fairy tales for a good night’s sleep. Just by providing your child’s name and gender, you may customize their storytime experience. This free and public domain audiobook is suitable for young listeners.

We incorporated stunning visuals and music. This is exciting for first graders. The sleep-inducing nature of some of our chapter books is well-known. These tales are appropriate for new readers. Please make use of this app before turning it in for the night. Although there are some similarities between male and female fairy tales, there are also significant differences. It’s useful because it provides advice for raising children based on the parent’s gender. Please tell me a story with a moral. The improved readability is a welcome side effect. This application is capable of playing audiobooks. Cost-zero PDF reader program.

Our graphic novels will encourage you to face the world head-on. Fairy tales enchant children. Free novels are being reread by kindergarteners. First-rate children’s literature is what we specialize in. The app has amazing visuals, sounds, and narratives. Because kids learn best through auditory storytelling, children’s books tend to be concise. Animals, bugs, princes and princesses, and more are some of the subjects of the children’s bedtime books we sell. Develop a sense of self-worth by instilling love, respect, and kindness. If you download the book, you can read it without an internet connection. We aim to improve the reading experience for children by creating engaging digital books. Our goal is to promote positive lifestyle choices and compassion in children by providing them with free bedtime stories. However, your input is invaluable. We assist the world’s youngest leaders in making the world a better place for the next generation. The exercises in our book will be a big hit with kids. Life and the world are better when you read our digital novels together as a family. Do some reading aloud with your baby, toddler, or preschooler.

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