League of Legends: Wild Rift TW is an intoxicating MOBA game with endless activities and events to immerse players in intense yet fascinating battles while strategically with friends.

  • Using the mod has a high risk of being banned, don’t use it with the main account.
  • Show Enemy on the minimap (hack map)
  • Drone view

To be safe, play in cyberspace using App Cloner Premium or some app that supports parallel space creation.

App Name LoL Wild Rift TW
Publisher 台灣大哥大
Genre Strategy
Size 3.4G
Latest Version
MOD Info Drone View, Hack Map
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Wild Rift TW is a miniature version of the famous League of Legends for the mobile version and has many customizations for extreme player entertainment. It also introduces more exciting changes to the gameplay and pacing of each match to make the player experience more affluent and vivid than ever. Many events and activities will regularly appear every week for everyone to enjoy the most vibrant and bustling atmosphere.



Compared to the original game, Wild Rift TW has many innovations to give everyone the most exciting gameplay and combat, whether playing alone or with friends. In particular, players must join 5v5 battles with real players or AI, then complete various objectives or destroy the enemy structures to win. Besides, much potential will make the tempo and atmosphere of the battle more intense but entertaining over time.


The variety of champions is a prominent advantage of the game as they have many different factors for players to choose from, such as roles, performance, skills, and more. Meanwhile, players must coordinate with teammates to allocate reasonable positions to defend or attack the active formations of the opponent. Above all, the equipment or items will make the champions powerful and versatile to entertain players with their mysterious potential.



The most exciting thing about the whole gameplay of Wild Rift TW is the innovative and groundbreaking game modes compared to the traditional game mode. Although the game modes are time-limited, they significantly change rules or perceptions and add a lot of funny mechanics to make every champion more engaging. The game will also create more conditions for players to actively participate in additional game modes to receive rich and high-value rewards.



The game’s controls also feature impressive tweaks to keep players up to date with the combat tempo of each champion. Meanwhile, many skill sets require complex manipulation skills, but players are free to customize or personalize the system for ultimate performance or comfort. Also, thanks to the flexibility in the control mechanism, the game attracts many players and gives all the most refreshing feelings for the MOBA genre.



The ranking match is the most popular of Wild Rift’s most popular game modes as its system is strict for everyone involved. Moreover, everyone has to go through a fierce journey to increase the rank to the highest possible level while accessing new skill realms in each different rank. After each game season, the system will give people valuable rewards based on their rank yet reset all progress to start a new season.


Wild Rift is one of the most intensely loved MOBA games in recent times and constantly updates or refreshes a lot of exciting content to immerse everyone in the quintessence of the MOBA genre with in-depth and extraordinary development and factors.


  • An intoxicating MOBA gameplay with extensive potentials and entertainment for players to enjoy with friends in 5v5 matches.
  • Various unique game modes with creative ideas heighten the atmosphere and battle tempo while introducing new mechanisms.
  • Tremendous options in champion selection with a wide range of skills, systems, and item usage to diversify everyone’s experiences.
  • Tons of events and challenges packed with high-quality and irresistible prizes to stimulate players’ progressions.
  • Compete with the professional in ranked matches, and even reach new realms of skill and strategy knowledge to improve personal stats and performances.
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