Mafia Legend brings you an engaging story of the main character and the problems in the mafia world. You will join her in overcoming various enemies to discover the cause of her father’s death and find impressive and powerful characters on the team.

App Name Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge
Publisher Wonderland Game
Genre Strategy
Size 234M
Latest Version 1.0.6
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Mafia Legend is a mafia-themed game where you and the main character participate in battles with different enemies to find the murderer of her father. You will have a large force to overcome many classes of enemies, especially bosses. At the same time, you will also be impressed with the beautiful women you meet and the powerful characters you can recruit.

Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge


In Mafia Legend, the story begins when a beautiful woman approaches a character but she has a gun and plans to kill her enemies. A few seconds later, she was destroyed by a girl named Denise, and at the same time, our main character arrived at the scene and discovered many events. Her sister Tina is still alive but has been captured by other mafias. At the same time, her brother and father were out of luck as they were murdered, and Tina wished Denise could save her sister.

Along the way, they learn that Tina has been kidnapped and begin their rescue journey against the other mafia. After a successful rescue, she returns to the organization’s headquarters and wishes to find the person who killed her father and brother. She begins to learn and recruit more powerful characters to her level and overcome various challenges in the game to build a solid criminal empire.

Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge


In Mafia Legend, players will find themselves having to go through many different battles between mafias and require you to build a powerful team. There will be two types of characters in this group: normal characters that make up a large number and strong characters with unique skills. These two groups of characters will automatically move inside this game and attack enemies they see at different stages of a level. In addition, meeting the boss is inevitable.

Powerful characters will play boss battles with skills, and you are just an observer of the results. The two sides will continuously launch attacks when the match starts until one side is defeated. In addition, each chapter will require you to pass different levels that you can see in the progress bar. At the same time, you can also meet female characters with attractive beauties besides Denise and the main character.


After you have gone through the first levels in Mafia Legend, you will be able to continue doing what you feel is necessary, and one of them is to perform quests. As you go through the quest, the plot elements will increase, and there will undoubtedly be many interesting details for you to follow. The number of resources you can get is entirely diverse and makes it easier to upgrade the characters.

Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge Mafia Legend: Road of Revenge

Each character has skills, potentials, and stats that you can increase. Stats will be determined by the level at which you can use resources to raise them. At the same time, the remaining elements will have specific elements to upgrade, and the number of characters on your team will increase.

A story that happens in the mafia world that completely captivates players because:

  • You will follow the main character’s journey to find enemies after losing her brother and father to an assassination.
  • She will have a force with diverse character types to overcome many locations full of different enemies.
  • Powerful characters with skills that can be used in boss battles determined by strength.
  • Story plots will constantly appear before you and urge you to complete story missions to learn them.
  • Powerful characters will appear more and more before your eyes, and you will be the one to increase their strength and exploit the potential they have.
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