Mafioso MOD APK gives you the perfect set of strategies for any battle that takes place in the shooter levels. They will face off against each other in a 6-player game with the ultimate 1:1 encounters.

App Name Mafioso
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre Strategy
Size 90M
Latest Version 2.7.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Speed
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Mafioso makes significant changes to the quality of the game then quickly launches players with exciting stories of never-ending confrontation. You will play as a leader of a newly formed Mafia gang, and your task is to confront other groups to create a reputation in the underworld. What happens will gradually bring you to the perfect level from the lowest level. Improvements will now make the game more stable; make the feat now!

Mafioso-Mafia's Strategy Games


As a leader, you need loyal associates for this position in the Mafioso. They will help you with administrative activities and document the other groups. Once you’ve sent out recruitment announcements, you’ll be in possession of some familiar faces. But remember, this is a 1:1 battle; you can’t do anything without building a strong squad. For a captain, leading the group to become the strongest gang is a priority goal!

Many new members will appear after you score the first achievement points. Receive items that will be created using power cards. In it, the system will clearly and fully record information about strength, skills, and experience. Give yourself a right choice before the match takes place. You will lose some coins and experience points when using new characters. Although random matches are unpredictable, careful preparation can make you win.

Mafioso-Mafia's Strategy Games


Through surveillance cameras, Mafioso will record the fierce confrontations between you and another Mafia group. The screen will show a comprehensive view of the members of the two teams. The members of your chosen squad will play against the other team directly, and the remaining health will be calculated directly on the character’s head. Each turn, you will be given a membership to aim. However, the rules can change if you use special cards.

The received power cards are used to extend health, restore energy, or add shots to the character. You will get them when you open treasure chests or buy them from the shop. Each character will use a different gun, and they have their own characteristics in terms of rate of fire, damage level, and also the length of the magazine. You will have to prepare everything in advance, and each match can only have a certain number of cards.

Mafioso-Mafia's Strategy Games


The Mafia army in Mafioso is extremely large. Each time the campaign is opened, hundreds of different clans come to confront you in response to the event. The system will have random division and arrangement. Enjoy this wonderful time of yours. When you have the opportunity to set foot in a higher position on the leaderboard, you can start trying out the battles with the participation of bosses. The level will increase as the experience points increase!


Mafioso does not limit players to any function. You can join the match by waiting for the matchmaking and coming up with a dream squad. The accompanying power cards will be used during the match. You get a few other incentives, like coins, privileges, or diamonds when the match ends. Become the boss of the city’s Mafia gang and become the leader for hundreds of other powerful characters!

Mafioso-Mafia's Strategy Games


  • Start the battle between Mafia gangs in the city with balanced confrontations in numbers, make wise choices before things happen.
  • Add new to the collection of characters, excellent shooters from around the world, upgrade them with skill sets purchased in the store.
  • Use coins and items obtained from the game’s rewards to visit and shop from the store for power-up packs, buy more necessary equipment.
  • Make wise decisions when choosing three characters who will face off against another team, using the accompanying cards to avoid the worst possible scenario.
  • Continue the story of the city’s Mafia legend with feats and bring your squad to the top of the leaderboard.
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