Majesty is an engaging strategy game with extraordinary battles. You will be the ruler of a medieval kingdom and build your own empire while fighting various mighty dragons.

App Name Majesty – The Northern Expansion
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre Strategy
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.5.29
MOD Info Full Game
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If you are a fan of strategy games and want a new experience, then Majesty is an excellent game for you to choose. You will be the one to organize the army and command the large maneuvers to complete the assigned tasks. The game is beautifully designed with bright 2D graphics and well-coordinated sound.

Majesty-The Northern Expansion


When starting out in Majesty, this may seem like a big deal for you, but you will have many good tips and ways to kill those dragons over the course of many battles. You just stuff a sheep or ram with a bunch of dirty litter to feed them. However, this method is not the safest and most effective method for large and powerful dragons.

Therefore, you can choose another method that is to announce the reward to the dragon head. Then you have to wait for your army of heroes and wizards to arrive to defeat those dragons. In addition to the above two methods, you always need to find your own solution to the dragon problem because all members of a tribe of this size suffer from the same disease. It was a strong allergy to humans and settlements, so all the dragons used a single drug to combat the disease. Therefore, this is the complete and terrifying destruction of man.

Majesty-The Northern Expansion


The trouble with dragons is waiting for you ahead in Majesty with extremely fierce and attractive battles. You will have to protect your kingdom from other evil creatures such as giant stone golems, and at the same time, you will have to expand your territory to build many large buildings for the inhabitants. Besides, you also have to solve puzzles of fire-breathing monsters to challenge your brain.

Players who have participated in previous Majesty games will be pleased with this new version. In this version, the developers have added the expansion of the territory in the north so that players have the opportunity to conquer new snow locations with more interesting challenges.

Majesty-The Northern Expansion


True to its name, Majesty expands the map to the north and adds a series of new missions, and improves and fixes some gameplay. When you install the expansion, you will see a large enlarged and detailed map with new lands to the north, where there are quests for you to visit and participate in. The northern region is thoroughly designed with sharp snowy graphics along with a variety of new monsters and lairs for you to explore.

In addition, the game also allows you to adjust many individual hero classes so that you can easily defeat the evil creatures. New buildings have also been added, which house witches and contain six new spells, allowing you to upgrade one of your heroes to become stronger.


The game offers special events for you to participate in and triggers monster attacks to challenge you. Some of the new enhancements available to you include a construction tree generator so you can limit the number and types of buildings that can be built in the game. You can also combine your map view with your allies’ field of view.

Majesty-The Northern Expansion


  • The skirmish mode gives you the freedom to customize, providing a variety of additional gameplay for you. It allows you to dynamically view the map to understand the terrain and enemy path.
  • Simple gameplay with attractive prizes high scores can be integrated into your social network with just one quick click. Majesty’s quality index is 7.0
  • It can be easily customized like changing weather (snowfall) with many new buildings and witch’s lair. There are more than 30 different types of buildings for you to upgrade and strengthen your army.
  • Ten types of heroes with a variety of weapons and armor are available for you to use and fight monsters, and add several dozen unique spells for you to choose from.
  • The legendary indirect control strategy game is completely suitable for mobile and easily accessible. Many new missions and new locations in the north are added to give players a more exciting new experience.
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