Maleficent Free Fall MOD APK is a match-three game that helps you explore the world of Maleficent and overcome many challenging levels. Beautiful diamonds appear before you and help you in many cases.

App NameMaleficent Free Fall
Latest Version9.21
MOD InfoUnlimited Lives/Magic
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Maleficent Free Fall allows players to travel to the fantasy world of Maleficent and travel through various impressive areas. When accompanying the journey, there are match-three challenges that the player must overcome. At the same time, the number of levels is entirely diverse with different requirements, and certainly, you can use boosters that will help you complete the level faster.

Maleficent Free Fall


In the new version of Maleficent Free Fall, players will find new levels with an imposing number of additions. Specifically, there are more than 40 new levels that you can find, and for sure, it will bring challenges and different requirements that you will need to complete. Surely, you will continue to spend time exploring the glamor world of Maleficent that this game has to offer.

Maleficent Free Fall


Players will be able to re-encounter unique and captivating characters in Maleficent Free Fall and experience a magical world of magic. You will find places that you have to go through and are shown in a book. At the same time, the circles appearing on the book are exactly the places you will have to go through, and for sure, there will be match-three challenges waiting for you ahead. Many players will not need to learn from the beginning the gameplay of this genre.

Players will find a frame on which there will be diamonds of different shapes, and they can swipe anyone you want to move the position. Also, when you swipe and form a match of three elements of the same type, the element will disappear, and the area will light up shortly after. In addition, with these experiences, there are always challenges that you will have to overcome and use your strategies to complete them.

Maleficent Free Fall


Players will find features of the match-three genre in Maleficent Free Fall, and players will try to fulfill a specific requirement in the game. You will know the request is located on the right side of the screen, and in the process of completing these requirements, you will try to comply with the number of turns this game provides. In other words, if you don’t complete the goal from the beginning or run out of turns, you can use it.

You can find different objectives in this game, and they can all give you specific difficulties. Specifically, on some levels, you will try to lighten the whole frame by doing a match, and of course, you don’t let any of the boxes go black. Some levels will challenge players by asking them to reach a certain number of points. Therefore, players will try to make many intelligent moves and use the boosters factor.

Maleficent Free Fall


Boosters are one of the elements that often appear in match-three games like Maleficent Free Fall. These boosters are created by matching more than three elements of the same type with different shapes. At the same time, when these elements appear, you will see some accompanying effects, and it fits the game’s scene. Some light moves around a diamond, cracked diamonds, or diamonds with many wings.

It can be said that depending on the number of elements that you have matched, the effects of these boosters will be different. You can make diamonds disappear in a horizontal or vertical row, and it comes with a brightening effect that helps you complete the level faster. In addition, cracked diamonds will emit their true power when destructive effects on the surrounding element. The multi-pointed diamonds will destroy the details you specify on the screen frame.

Maleficent Free Fall

Players will travel to the fantasy world and overcome many challenges in the world of Maleficent:

  • The main gameplay of this game is match-three levels which will always require the player to complete a task with a certain number of moves.
  • Players will go through many challenging levels and explore fantasy locations appearing in the book that constantly appear before you.
  • The requests you need to make will change, such as lightening the frame cells, accumulating a certain number of points, and many others.
  • Boosters will impress players with their looks and impressive effects that can help you complete the level at your best.
  • In the new version of the game, the player’s journey will continue as more than 40 unique levels are added to the book.
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