Manual gearbox Car parking helps players quickly learn how to park to be applied in real life. Cross the challenging lines and become a pro car parker.

App NameManual gearbox Car parking
Latest Version5.9.4
MOD InfoFree Shopping, Unlocked All Cars
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Manual gearbox Car parking is a simulation game with realistic and eye-catching graphics that bring you great experiences. No more thrilling car races because coming to this game, you will learn how to park your car so professionally. Parking is probably quite familiar to many people, but some still have difficulty doing so. Then this will be a perfect opportunity for you to practice parking.


If you don’t want to spend too much time practicing in real life, Manual gearbox Car parking is still the best choice to learn from basic to complex. The images of the cars are designed to be very realistic for you to visualize easily. With the first level, the game will guide everything from the gameplay to using the control buttons. Don’t worry too much because you don’t have any experience because that’s just a stepping stone for learning to park later.

You can see the controls on the screen quite similar to what you see on a real car. A steering wheel for you to control your car to move in the direction you want and the accelerator to help the car go faster. There is also a gas brake to slow down or stop the car, and there are several other control buttons. At first, it doesn’t seem very easy because there are so many things to memorize, but you will become proficient with long practice.


Parking a car sounds pretty simple, but with Manual gearbox Car parking, it’s not really because you will have to go through many different rigorous training sessions. Although it is only a virtual world, the challenges are close to reality to create a more exciting feeling. Your task is to park the car in the required position in the shortest time and not to cause any collision. If you complete the tasks well, you will receive a worthy reward in cash.

When you have mastered the steering wheel, it is time for the difficulty to increase gradually, and you will have a little problem controlling. Instead of before, the places required to park the car were quite spacious, now there are more obstacles. At this point, you will need to combine your vision and insight to steer the vehicle to the parking area safely.


Although it is not a fierce supercar race, changing the look of your car will help you have more fun when playing. It is not the default that you can only own one car, but you can also choose from many more eye-catching designs. For example, a modern and eye-catching supercar will make you captivated at first sight when you see it. As long as you save enough money, you can buy as many cars in the showroom as you want.

If you are pretty knowledgeable about cars, you will surely know that skills are not enough, but the car’s equipment is also critical. There are many types of engines with different kinds of horsepower to choose which one is best for you. In addition, you can also change some other parts of the car, such as the steering wheel wheels, or refurbish the outer shell with a unique color.


  • Learn how to park quickly and easily with just a few simple taps on your phone
  • More than 80 different parking challenges from basic to complex that you need to overcome to become more proficient
  • 3D graphics combined with highly detailed simulated images help you experience a proper way.
  • Refurbish your cars to look more outstanding and choose some equipment to suit you.
  • With the friend feature, you can make friends and chat with other players to learn skills from them.
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