Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK is a music game that brings players to challenges, high speed, and extremely difficult. Players will be allowed to choose their companions to dance to exciting tunes and prevalent music today. Let the music guide you to incredible new horizons.

App NameMarshmello Music Dance
Latest Version2.1.1
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Immerse yourself in upbeat music with Marshmello Music Dance, which will take your troubles away. With this artful game, you’ll become a talented music sensation, controlling Marshmello characters across the musical notes to reach the prestigious leaderboard. Each track will be a difficult challenge for you to conquer.

Marshmello Music DanceMarshmello Music Dance


If you have a headache are troubled with the problems around, let Marshmello Music Dance ease those pain. Coming to this game, you will be comfortable, happy, and energized for the upcoming things in this life. Music is always a tonic to heal the soul’s wounds for everyone; let it become a friend by your side.

Besides, when the music plays, it’s time for you to start coming to the challenges of this game. Challenges will help you temporarily forget the fatigue around, immerse yourself in the same tune, and dance along with it. Challenges can make it difficult for you, but they will help you feel more comfortable with upbeat, joyful music. Don’t hesitate to dance with this game to overcome the challenge.


Coming to Marshmello Music Dance, you will get to know a lot of new friends; they will be your dance partners. It would be sad if you were the only one to immerse yourself in the tunes. These characters are companions on your behalf to overcome all difficulties and control them to jump through dangerous levels, so you need to be very careful so that your characters do not fall.

The game has a lot of characters for you to choose from that change often. Each character has its own musical color, so you should collect as many characters as possible to change to match the type of music you are about to enjoy. Choosing a character to accompany the right atmosphere of the concert will help you sink deeper into it; you will feel like you are at a real music party.

Marshmello Music DanceMarshmello Music Dance


From EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, to Electronic will all be present at Marshmello Music Dance. This is probably something that music fans will be looking forward to; many genres of music will make it easier for you to enjoy it. You can choose the genre of music you love, maybe today you like Rock music, but tomorrow you may like Rap, change your taste often so that it is not boring.

Besides, A lot of popular music is also included in the game to make players feel more excited than ever. You will be dancing swinging to the music you like in this game from now on. It’s great to take on the challenge with my favorite music. Play the game to be able to hear exciting music.


With Marshmello Music Dance, you can comfortably enjoy music but still can’t forget the game’s challenges. The levels are challenging, and the speed of the tracks is getting faster and faster, making it impossible for you to stop dancing. Overcoming challenges will show your musical understanding. In addition, you are also included in the game’s previous rankings to honor those who really excel.

Marshmello Music Dance brings players to the colorful world of music. Players will have to immerse themselves in dances with vibrant tunes. Music has long been a panacea for all human wounds, so let’s play this game to relieve stress enter this exciting world to forget everything. This is the place just to have fun with lots of great tunes.

Marshmello Music Dance


  • The game brings players to the colorful world of music, where all human fatigue is removed.
  • Players need to collect a lot of lovely legendary characters to have a companion to overcome all challenges.
  • There are many genres of music for you to immerse yourself in the melodies and choose the types of music you love the most.
  • In addition, you can also choose the most trending, favorite songs to have more power to take on the challenge.
  • Lots of difficulty levels are upgraded every day; you will have to take on the challenge faster and faster than ever.
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