App Name MARVEL Super War
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Strategy
Size 1.4 GB
Latest Version 3.19.1
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MARVEL Super War is a MOBA game featuring famous characters from the Marvel universe to date to create a playground for fans of the series. Above all, the game’s ability to balance is absolute, and every character has unique highlights for players to enjoy fully. Above all, players have new possibilities to explore and accompany friends through many fierce battles.


MOBA is a popular genre these days, so MARVEL Super War has a lot of tweaking in the universe and lore of the characters to create a perfect balance. In a 5v5 battle, cooperation with teammates is important, but players must know the skills and effects that each character brings. Not only that, but they also have to show their outstanding ability and continuously occupy important locations to lead to victory.

MARVEL Super War


Every character, hero or villain, has compelling skills that make the universe diverse and rich in the Marvel cosmos. Also, players will have the opportunity to control all characters and combine with friends to create eye-catching, epic, and powerful combos to win every battle. What’s impressive is that each character will also develop themselves over time to improve combat performance under the influence of equipment.

In almost every MOBA game, equipment is necessary, making the characters strong and integrating more effects. This game is no exception, but it has a flexible equipment system, always suggesting suitable equipment based on the unique fighting styles of the player or the character. Over time, the more equipment players carry, the excitement, chaos, and fierceness of the skirmishes will rise to new heights.

MARVEL Super War


Besides the chaotic wars, MARVEL Super War will constantly update with new content, such as unique challenges, events, and fascinating quests. They also allow people to join in a party of 5, allowing them to build the best times and receive generous rewards for future growth. Events are also a good opportunity to introduce new characters or costumes to stimulate players.

MARVEL Super War


Besides the classic 5v5 modes, players sometimes have to fight in different maps while interacting with new mechanics that appear in the level. That makes the gameplay more vivid to enhance the value of the MOBA element when featuring iconic characters Marvel. Besides, some special events will give players new game modes to entertain with friends and many creative concepts or content.

MARVEL Super War


The heroes’ strengths are exceptional and varied, but MARVEL Super War wants everything to be realistic, eye-catching, and mighty in every detail. Therefore, the graphics use many striking and flexible effects, and even everything is optimized for the best player experience. The effects and the design of the character, the map, and many other things all show an attractive beauty for players to fight hard thanks to various factors in graphics.

MARVEL Super War using characters from the Marvel Universe, but its content and gameplay are balanced, and there are many events for everyone generous. Best of all, it also allows players to control their favorite characters in many random battles from the multiverse to entertain with friends in limitless amusement.

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