Medieval Civilization features multiple strategy games with outstanding gameplay for players to develop and grow the most potent medieval empire to dominate the whole European or other civilizations.

If you start-cancel the game from the Google Play Store for once, you can log in to the game using the APK file. (will download in-game)

App Name Medieval Civilization
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre Strategy
Size 390M
Latest Version 1.1.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Medieval Civilization gives everyone a variety of games and content for players to experience what it feels like to be a great conqueror of medieval Europe. Each of its games has many unique features, including map scales, gameplay, and more. On top of that, they all have a rich development of sophistication and depth to immerse the player in the most epic flames of war that emperors have ever lit across the medieval lands.

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civilization games


Medieval Civilization includes various tactical exhilarating games, but each of them has its impressiveness for players to explore and enjoy. Even so, they all have one thing in common, which is a turn-based strategy mechanism for everyone to show off their first-class army control skills. In addition, the world map, system, and many other features will also change in each game to diversify gameplay and people’s experience significantly.

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civilization games


A player’s empire will gradually grow into a powerful force globally, and they will need to constantly interact with multiple systems or functions for a lot of performance or exciting potential. Depending on each person’s development path, their empire can be significantly expanded and create many achievements. Meanwhile, players also must constantly upgrade the mechanisms or essential functions for empires to grow strong.


Medieval Civilization will introduce multiple world maps in each game for players to immerse themselves in separate expeditions. Initially, they would start with small-scale lands, and if they wanted to complete the occupation of other kingdoms, separate campaigns would need to be carried out. Meanwhile, if people succeed in capturing the capitals of other kingdoms, then they can take all their resources, human resources, and wealth for the empire.

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civilization games


The research system is most important throughout the gameplay as it allows everyone to unlock new combat units or additional systems. It also allows expansion or creating many variations in facilities to increase the productivity of many resources in the empire. Not only that but much potential is also opened up through that research system to bring people new ideas in empire building.


Politics is also a critical factor that Medieval Civilization wants players to focus on and build inside the empire. Depending on the perfect political handling, the player can make neighboring kingdoms submit and periodically pay tribute if they don’t want to be wiped off the map. Many great things from politics will always give people more entertainment and excitement than indulging in fierce wars.

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civilization games


War was cruel and inevitable in medieval times, and the victorious participants would write history. Therefore, players can freely build a heroic history of the world and their empire to take over all educational matters for future generations or seeds of the country. They can also create dramatic historical directions and are completely different from real-world history.

Medieval Civilization promises to bring everyone the best experience and feel when becoming a mighty emperor in the conquest of Europe. Meanwhile, it introduces more exciting strategy games with huge variations in gameplay, countries, regions, and more for everyone to enjoy.

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civilization games


  • An expansive alternate European for players to conquer and dominate every corner to reign an empire they once dreamed of.
  • Multiple strategy games with distinct performances and gameplay for players immerse in an endless course of wars and domination.
  • Intense and satisfying turn-based control mechanisms devise multiple factors and tactics flexibly to achieve the impossible results.
  • In-depth research and upgrade systems to develop the empire’s prowess to new heights, whether it’s military power or diplomacy.
  • Expand the territory for generous resources and rewards for the future empire’s growth and expansions in technologies.
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