Fairy Merge! – Mermaid House is an arrangement game that merges two similar sea creatures to form 1 new sea creature. Here, players can relax with comfortable gaming moments while discovering 100 new and exciting sea creatures.

App NameMerge Fairies
PublisherOctopus Games LLC
Latest Version1.3.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamonds
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Fairy Merge! Mermaid House is an arrangement game with the ocean floor setting. Here, players can both play the game and discover more strange creatures in the ocean, creatures that only exist in fairy tales – fairies and mermaids. Compared to other puzzle games, the exciting point of this game is the lively and exciting graphics and the upgrade of medals to participate in the game’s ranking table. Now, let’s find out more!


Perhaps you have heard the story about the mermaid and have a picture of a mermaid in your imagination? But just one image is too little. In Fairy Merge! – Mermaid House, players can explore up to 100 sea creatures, including 50 types of fairies and mermaids. You will be lost in the fairy world and immersed in the beauty of the fairies. However, to be able to see many types of mermaids, you must merge sea creatures.

Fairy Merge! – Mermaid HouseFairy Merge! – Mermaid House


A new type of mermaid will appear by dragging and holding to merge two similar mermaids. But be aware, if there is another fairy between 2 fairies of the same type, they cannot be merged. So, by thinking of your moves, players must arrange a reasonable way to be able to merge the fairies.

Players can merge fairies by moving sideways, left-right, top-bottom, or diagonally. Lines such as Z, detour, and L cannot be moved. After a short period of 2s, in the empty areas will appear, new mermaids, you must move immediately; otherwise, the empty positions are filled, you cannot move to merge two mermaids of the same type. With each play, you will get four times TRY. That means you are allowed to move wrong four times (wrong move: move one fairy to 1 other fairy but cannot merge). After 4 TRYs, you lose and have to start a new game. So be careful and strategize your moves!


Fairy Merge! – Mermaid House has many levels and nearly 100 challenges for players to explore. In each level, the player, in addition to discovering more diverse sea creatures, will also receive a reward after passing the level, which is a medal. The method is straightforward: when silver collects two bronze medals, it will combine to create one silver medal; 2 silver medals create one gold medal. After each successful merge of 1 pair of mermaids, you will receive bonus points, and then bonus points will accumulate into medals. Let’s collect as many bonus points!
During each week, tournaments will be held. The player who participates and wins with the highest score will receive the trophy. Collect many trophies to show your talent!

Fairy Merge! – Mermaid HouseFairy Merge! – Mermaid House


After each merge of the mermaids, the bonus points are the gold in this game. The more rare the mermaids are and the higher the level, the higher the gold level. If you’re lucky, you can get diamond treasures during the merge. The amount of gold and treasure is unlimited, so hurry to collect and become the rich man of the sea!

Gold coins can be used to upgrade sea creatures to become more diverse in the game’s shop.

Together conquer the vast sea world with countless extraordinary sea creatures in Fairy Merge!- Mermaid House from today. Just one tap to download to your phone or tablet; you can try it now!

  • Merge two similar sea creatures to create one new creature
  • After each merge, will get gold coins and can win treasures at higher levels
  • Every 2s after the gap appears without you moving to merge, a new sea creature will appear in the gap
  • There are 4 TRYs in each turn. Out of 4, TRYs means you have GAME OVER and have to play again
  • Collect lots of bronze, silver, gold, and trophy every week to be the best
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