Monster Tales Mod APK is a match-three game where players use matches to help monsters attack enemies. Each player can face the others and collect more powerful monsters.


  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode


  • God Mod
  • One Hit Kill
  • Ultimate Always Available
App NameMonster Tales
PublisherTangelo Games Spain
Latest Version1.0.120
MOD InfoMenu/Dame, God Mode
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Monster Tales gives you powerful companions with natural elemental powers to fight against in-game opponents. You can efficiently perform powerful attacks in match three levels with fully accessible mechanics. At the same time, the number of enemies you encounter is diverse and requires you to change tactics and formations.

Monster Tales: Match 3 PuzzleMonster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle


As players experience Monster Tales, you will indeed find powerful companions with different forms that correspond to the attributes they carry. You will join them to overcome challenges and enemies through match-three matches. At the same time, the match-three turns are the basis for you to deliver powerful attacks to destroy the enemy. Therefore, it brings a certain excitement to the players.

Players will participate in match-three levels, and this is not new gameplay because some players have experienced it for a long time. The mechanics of the game remain unchanged, such as matching elements in the game, creating boosters, and many other factors. At the same time, the new element that comes with these mechanics is the attack when the monsters get enough energy for their attack. Surely you will need to take advantage of certain tactical elements to win the level.


When you start the level of Monster Tales, you will see the field, and there are many colorful match elements with close shapes such as flames, thunder, drops of water, and other elements. At the same time, you can also easily match them to create energy for your monsters, and the attack is displayed that you can recognize. After the turn is over, you will be able to see them attack, and if you are lucky, you can easily see five characters attack simultaneously.

A team will have five members corresponding to 5 different attributes, and when you make a match, the attack energy will be accumulated in the health bar. So, once the energy bar is full, you will be able to activate it to deal massive amounts of damage to your enemies. It can be said that this is an element that any player will like because it is helpful in many battles, and especially, strategy and strength are important factors to help you win the enemy.

Besides the PVE levels, the PVP levels also bring challenges for you, and you will need to use your strongest squad. These are players with skill and strength, so caution is always essential. At the same time, you will be able to easily create boosters with special effects to collect a lot of energy so that your monsters can attack powerfully and quickly fill up the attack bar.

Monster Tales: Match 3 PuzzleMonster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle


Each level in Monster Tales grants you a certain number of items, and one of them will give you access to the monsters’ eggs. These monsters all have different rarity according to the number of stars they possess, and each has a corresponding attribute. At the same time, their strength will be increased over time when you feed them enough food that is earned from each level that you pass.

One point that any player needs to pay attention to is the variety of attributes of each character. They bring different natural elements, and of course, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you will need to observe the game’s counter system and, from there, choose a reasonable formation so that the attacks are always effective against the enemy. Surely there will be many monsters ahead waiting for you.

Players will find engaging match-three gameplay:

  • Players will accompany monsters and participate in match-three levels to destroy the enemies ahead.
  • The attacks are made by getting enough energy from match-making and collecting many elements.
  • The rules in match-three remain the same that you can use as boosters to help you influence within a specific range.
  • New monsters will constantly appear before you and help you change your formation to match the counter mechanism.
  • Strong opponents in PVP levels require a strong squad, and you will need to raise your monsters from time to time.
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