Monster Truck Destruction™ transports players to a world of massive and powerful off-road trucks. Become a professional racer to control the car through complex terrains and reach the finish line as soon as possible.

App NameMonster Truck Destruction
PublisherODD Games
Latest Version3.5.5053
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Monster Truck Destruction will take you to a highly thrilling arena where you will sit behind the wheel of an off-road truck. You must have seen off-road truck races through reality shows and wanted to try that thrill once but couldn’t. Don’t worry because you can get the most authentic experience by coming to this game.

Monster Truck Destruction™


Although still considered a racing game, Monster Truck Destruction™ is nothing like other games you’ve known, like Asphalt or CSR Racing. Instead of driving shiny supercars and racing on the streets of a great and magnificent city, you will now experience a new feeling. You will be sitting on a giant off-road truck and looking quite pitiful to cross the tracks with rough terrain but also very rude.

Monster Truck Destruction™

You will be guided from the beginning so that you can get used to the controls to become more skilled before entering the thrilling race. The control mechanism is also straightforward, with only two buttons located on the left of the screen to help the car move left or right as you like. The right side will have nothing but the accelerator and brake for you to control for your car to start going or stop immediately when necessary. If you master how to manage, you will quickly master your car and surpass the opponent next to you.

Monster Truck Destruction™


What if you walked into a racetrack with a lot of spectators sitting around in the stands and started cheering every time you showed up? Or, every time you have just made a beautiful drift, everyone will cheer to congratulate you for your achievement. Indeed the scene at that moment will make you even more excited and excited because who doesn’t like being recognized for their talent. This must be a rather excellent plus point that has made this game so loved by many players.

Everything will take place in a reasonably small space. The track is also short so that each race lasts no more than 1 minute because it is mainly to compete to see who will have better control skills. You and another car will wait in the waiting area until the signal starts. The two cars will take turns on their separate road to see who will first get to the finish line. A lap is simply going straight up a steep incline and then returning to the starting position as completing your part.

Monster Truck Destruction™


It must be said that regardless of the racing genre, owning a vast collection of different car models is indispensable, and this game is no exception. Although the image of off-road trucks in this game looks quite ferocious and cannot be compared with the luxury of supercars, it still puts on an undefeated strength. Because it has to overcome many complicated terrains, the car’s structure has a rather rough wheel, but that helps it crush everything that stands in the way.

To own better cars, you need to spend a certain amount of money and the more beautiful the car, the higher the money, so you can save some money for yourself to buy the cars you like. In addition, you can also go to the garage to upgrade some things for your cars, such as the engine kit, suspension system, or exhaust loader. Your car will become more vital than ever, and you will also be self-deprecating every time you overcome an obstacle.

Monster Truck Destruction™


– There are all three different game modes for you to freely experience to compete with friends, such as Drag, Championship, and Freestyle.
– 3D graphics are designed to be very eye-catching and exciting sound effects from the audience’s cheers; the sound of the car engine creates a sense of excitement when playing.
– It is straightforward to control but still offers engaging gameplay through action-packed acrobatics.
– Collection of off-road trucks with many different designs and colors that look very eye-catching.
– Applying physics makes every action during the race look very realistic.

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