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Mostory: insta animated story maker will help you create entertaining and professional animated works from your own photos. On the Instagram platform, with just a few basic steps, you can easily create a product you want to show off to your friends. No money, no complexity, no need for high expertise are things that you can only find in this application.


Animated videos look incredibly sophisticated and artistic, but creating them is very easy. You just need to go to the application’s sample store, select your favorite movie, then select the photos available in the device to combine them into the template. Of course, you also need to crop your photos to fit the existing frames slightly. The resulting product is guaranteed to be exactly like the prototype, including in terms of plot, effects, or sound. We provide you with more than 30 different story templates to choose from.

In addition to the available templates, you can also customize your own products. Of course, the steps to creating a custom animated video will be a bit more complicated. This job requires you to use Mostory proficiently, have ideas to build a reasonable plot, know how to create effects, and insert music. Although it is not easy, all the steps to be done are explicitly guided in the application, or to be more efficient, and you can also type search how to use this application on the youtube platform.

Mostory: insta animated story editor for InstagramMostory: insta animated story editor for InstagramMostory: insta animated story editor for Instagram


The photos you intend to include in the video will sometimes not fit the sample video’s frame, or they will not be what you want. Mostory provides you with apps to crop your photos easily. There are more than 300 different collage templates for you to make your photos more artistic and lively. You will no longer have to spend more time editing them on another application.


More than 100 different filters are available for you to tailor your product easily. These filters not only help the color of the video match the subject better, but it also allows correcting errors such as glare, darkening, … in existing photos. The filter system is arranged in order to help users quickly search and compare filters with each other. You can also manually customize the elements in each filter to feel perfect.

Mostory: insta animated story editor for InstagramMostory: insta animated story editor for InstagramMostory: insta animated story editor for Instagram


An animated production would look ridiculous if it had no sound at all. The app store offers you more than 100 different music tracks, and all of them are copyright-free. Select a piece of music that matches the theme of the video to highlight the content you want to convey. A video can also add different music tracks. In addition, you can also insert your favorite music into the device’s collection.


Depending on the purpose of using your video, maybe for entertainment, to keep memories, or for communication purposes, you can completely insert some annotations to clarify the content you want to transmit. Mostory has over 200 creative and fun cartoon typefaces available for you to choose from. Note the alignment of the size and position of the text so that it does not affect the content of the animated product.

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