Mud Racing gives you the experience of racing in swampy terrain with many interesting obstacles and fierce competitors.

App NameMud Racing
Latest Version4.2.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Move Speed, No ADS
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Mud Racing is a game that gives you the experience of muddy roading with awe-inspiring off-road vehicles. You can find challenging levels with different viewing angles depending on the characteristics of the game. In addition, there will be many elements for you to upgrade the vehicle’s stats and collect impressive new parts. You will certainly take your time to complete the challenges in the game.

Mud Racing: 4х4 Monster Truck Off-Road simulator


When you experience Mud Racing, players will participate in an awe-inspiring driving game where you will not aim to be the fastest. Precisely, you will control an off-road vehicle with bigger tires than other standard cars. You will try to go through a muddy road. You will try to pass through this road and reach different number plates that have been set. The bigger the number on each sign, the more money you will get.

The angle from which you observe this game is entirely diverse. Specifically, you will see your car from a roadside perspective or a third-person perspective. Looking from the side of the road, you will see how your car can overcome muddy roads. At the same time, with a third-person perspective, you will focus on driving the car and collecting the piles of money placed in front. If you want to increase the speed, you just need to tap the car accelerator.

Mud Racing: 4х4 Monster Truck Off-Road simulatorMud Racing: 4х4 Monster Truck Off-Road simulator


Once you know some of the mechanics in Mud Racing, you’ll start with the first levels. Specifically, at level 1, you just need to go through a muddy road, and of course, it will be a bit difficult to move. It can still be completed if you try and every level through the mud when viewed from the side of the road, there will be a chance for you to earn money depending on your skill. You will have to reach the distance of the large number plate to make money.

A speed board will appear in front of you, and it will range in color from green and fade to red. You need to press to let the needle reach the red area, and the car will receive full speed and momentum. From there, it will be able to go to higher distances, and especially, the terrain with different number plates will be more diverse than the flat road as before. In other words, it can be roads with steep slopes or circles, so they require great speed.

Mud Racing: 4х4 Monster Truck Off-Road simulatorMud Racing: 4х4 Monster Truck Off-Road simulator


When you complete a level in Mud Racing, you will see a part of the car that a certain percentage will fill. The more levels you complete, the greater the chance that you will own those parts. Another will replace a finished part. Therefore, collecting a lot of entirely new features will take a while of the level. In addition, some parts will belong to a vehicle class called Mega Truck.

When you are about to enter the level, you will see three options to upgrade your car. Of course, you will need to consider upgrading the corresponding stats to pass the level quickly. The three stats include reward, HP, and grip. So depending on the characteristics of the terrain, you can upgrade your vehicle’s performance or increase the bonus if you are sure you can hit big money after completing the level.

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