My Little Terrarium: Idle Game is an interesting game in which the player equips his small garden in a bottle. Where you take care of your plants and make friends with creatures to unlock more plants.

App NameMy Little Terrarium
Latest Version2.8.5
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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If you are a lover of growing plants, taking care of animals and looking for something to help you reduce stress and relax, you cannot ignore My Little Terrarium: Idle Game. Your own little earth will heal the barren heart in you, coming to My Little Terrarium: Idle Game you will be transformed into a farmer who owns your garden, planting, watering and taking care of the plants. That funny animal may be an experience you have never experienced, so it will be an unforgettable experience after moments of fatigue and stress. In addition, the attraction of this game is also due to playing on the basis of classical music to give users the most comfortable moments..


When you first enter the game, your own small garden will be inside a glass bottle is an empty piece of land where you will start choosing plants, watering and taking care of pets. Embark on a new journey as a garden owner and transform it into a miniature garden to your liking. Here, you can put different plants to your liking, take care of your pets and freely create different terrariums to create your own garden, experience and create as you like. You can redecorate the garden by taking care of plants and pets to earn money to buy items for the garden to be more colorful.

My Little Terrarium: Idle GameMy Little Terrarium: Idle Game


Designed with cute images; bright colors, attractive; Easy-to-use interface and beautiful animations, light but engaging gameplay. Because of the easy-to-use interface and attractive design, players will feel as if they are growing trees in their own garden. In addition, the game also combines classical music to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. By combining elements such as design, images and music, it contributes to the success of the game and attracts the attention of garden enthusiasts.


In your garden, there will be cute animal friends, you can talk to them and feed them. More than that, you can listen to your friends’ stories, participate in events together. interesting . With the feature of being able to interact with each other, it will help you to get closer and better understand your friends; listen to the worries of animals and you will receive special gifts, feel more authentically and clearly to have an enjoyable experience when playing games and can feel the life of a worker What will the garden be like?


In order to help players have a better experience, the game publisher regularly updates plants and animals for you to have new experiences. Such an upgrade makes the game not boring and gives players a feeling of more excitement. With a simple style, light and attractive gameplay, but and what makes this game stand out is that the game publisher regularly upgrades to avoid boredom, one color is one of the things that makes the game more interesting. Gardening enthusiasts are still with My Little Terrarium: Idle Game

My Little Terrarium: Idle GameMy Little Terrarium: Idle GameMy Little Terrarium: Idle Game


If you are in a period of stress and need to relax after a tiring day, My Little Terrarium: Idle Game will be the perfect choice for you. It will help you relax, reduce stress and especially heal your heart. Believe me, you will surely be fascinated by very cute things, you will create your own garden as if you are listening to the sound of life, it will help you get rid of your worries and worries. will bring you the feeling of being immersed in your own garden.


– Participate in extremely interesting entertainment events, closer interaction
– Become the owner of a small garden; Grow crops, water plants and enjoy creating a variety of different terrariums
– Meet cute animal friends, you can talk to them and feed them
– Relax, comfortable as you are being immersed in it. What’s more, you can listen to your friends’ stories
– Beautiful, eye-catching interface, simple operation, cute graphics, beautiful design and animation, light but attractive gameplay.

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